Multiple Air Tickets

More than one flight ticket

Multi-stage air tickets reservation - Air Travel Message Board I' ve been reading some of the Expedia etc. review. And I would warn them to be very careful with such a reservation from an (online) agency. When something goes wrong, the carrier will probably take you back to your agency where you bought the tickets. Yes, a reservation on the airline's website would certainly have benefits over a reservation with Expedia.

There are however several possible causes why you may not find what you want to do. Below are some possible (others may suggest others) grounds why you can't find what you want on the airline's website. It can even be difficult to book more than one plane on their website, if all tickets are available at this carrier - so I found it.

Failure to do so will prevent you from booking multiple tickets on one or most of the airlines' dedicated web sites. When you are on a ticketing, the carrier that is delaying you should put you on the next available one. Should you arrive at the first stop later than scheduled, the carrier should do so before your departure.

Conclusion is if you make a reservation for a route that the carrier does not allow you to be in jeopardy of landing at an international destination where you failed a trip and look at a big bill to get a later one. And I would warn them to be very careful with such a reservation from an (online) agency.

" However, the only excuse to be careful is when your flight is not operated with a unique ticketing as is the case when booking through Expedia. Generally so..........if I am booking all my trips at the same moment in a group provided by Expedia, then they should be accompanied by a booking form, so if there are lateness etc., then it should be from??

Unable to say without realising why none of the participating carriers will implement the multi-segment routeing apparently practised by Expedia and proposed by Expedia.

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