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Synopsis[edit] is a Malayalam feature produced by Fazil Basheer,[1] which was shown in cinemas on August 7, 2015. Badusha Mohammed is the main character in the film,[2] starring Riyaz Fazzan, Mareena Michael, Babu Jose, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Sreejith Ravi, Tini Tom. It wasn't a big hit. While Badusha did his best to amuse the public, very bad directing and bad drama by many unfamiliar performers helped to make the picture fail.

Badusha had made the incorrect decision to return to the sector by choosing this film.

Mombai - Taxi Experience and Consulting - Mumbai Forum

I recently stayed six night in Mumbai and thought I would be sharing my experience with the taxi. At the beginning I have to say that I have never completely overcome the taxi ride although I was sometimes happy. The best thing I can do is ask the owner of your accommodation to arrange a taxi for you - ask for one of the cabs queuing outside on the road.

Ask the operator to tell the operator to turn on the gauge. This way, when you go back to the guesthouse after calling a taxi on the road, you know the estimated fee. I' ve rarely managed to get taxi riders to turn on their counters.

Arranging a cabin/taxi by the owner will make it much more costly and convenient. To help us with the orientation of the prize we took a taxi from our guesthouse in the Cuffe Parade (the Vivanta of Taj - President) to Sofitel in the Bandra Kurla Complex. Driven by a rider we had previously used and specifically asked for, our rider turned the counter on and took us along a picturesque northern road along the Marine Drive (the "necklace"), past the Haji Ali "floating" Mecca, across the Bandra-Worli Sea Link road and on to Sofitel.

However, the rider who took us on this trip also cited another trip for which we didn't have enough spare tiredness. From the Cuffe Parade we drove north, past the airports, to the Kanheri Caves and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park - his offer for the daily trip considering distances, times and fuels was 3.000 INR.

We would have accepted other expenses such as a tour leader and a chauffeur to take us through the area. Driving a car that was very friendly (and a quiet driver) and fluent in English, our rider gave us a little piece of good old wisdom - "Always negotiate with an Indian". They can find a dependable rider, as we have done, who comes out of the swimming pools of riders who wait in front of your accommodation.

Taj President's customer base was a wonderful one - his name was Rashid, his telephone number was 98 202 47428.

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