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What about other options in comparison? Passengers can compare all different RTW options with the Paterson's Guide. Check out flight deals and book multi-city flights, return flights, one-way flights, last-minute flights to destinations around the world.

Use Qantas points for circumnavigating the world: on-eworld Classic Awards

I' d like to think that the vast majority of NZ Qantas' regular customers would normally use their points to cash in one-way round-trip awards - to Australia, the United States, Asia, or even home with Jetstar. Here we describe how Qantas uponeworld Classic Awards work as a great way to maximize the value of your Qantas World Tour (RTW) points.

So how do you grab an Oneworld around the world salvation with Qantas points? First of all, it is important to fully comprehend the fundamental difference between the Qantas FF Rewards Charts so that we can get the best value out of your QFF Points. Qantas Classic Flight Rewards - This is the lowest rate for Qantas favorite partner - Qantas, QantasLink, Airnorth, Fiji Airways, Air Vanuatu, American Airlines, Emirates, Jetstar.

Classic Award Program Participant - This is for trips with one of Qantas' Oneworld affiliates or privileged airline affiliates not listed in Table 1. Oneworld Classic Airport Rewards - This is the main emphasis of this manual and applies to routes with two or more Oneworld carriers that go beyond any Qantas Metall based scheduled flights.

Qantas Oneworld solutions around the world are inexpensive why? Traveling around the world with an Oneworld Classic rewards is one of the best ways to maximize the value of your Qantas points. RTW tickets allow you to travel the world and stay in up to five towns over a 12-month stay, provided there is bonus available and the entire trip is kept below 35,000 mileage.

Emiraates is not part of the on-eworld alliances and therefore cannot be added to this route. Suppose you want to go back to Europe with Qantas or emirates (a privileged partner). You will receive 256,000 points in Business Class or 392,000 points in First, plus tax and charges of $500-1000.

Below is the fundamental business class route, which total slightly more than 27,000 air miles, well below the 35,000 maximum: The addition of a number of smaller flights to get to non-hub towns if you want to go there is also a very useful way to add value to this distinction. As with other redemption options, places are dependent on availabilities and there is a good possibility that you may not be able to depart on your desired date, so you must be flexibility with your schedules and itineraries ( as always when using points for travel).

Find out more about finding Awards Spaces on Qantas partnerships here. The easiest way to find rewards for an RTW route once you are prepared to make a booking is to look for one RTW route after another. If you need help and/or would like to reserve a place with a Qantas affiliate that does not appear on the Qantas website, then call Qantas Frequent Flyer.

Must I go around the world? Premiums are based on the number of miles and do not have to be in one notch. If, for example, you are flying to Berlin, taking a coach to Paris and flying from Paris, the distance between Berlin and Paris will be charged as part of this distinction.

Do I have more than 35,000 mileage? While you can create segmentation for most airlines (except Japan Airlines) on-line, please be aware that you will be billed a 5,000 point modification charge each trip you make, so try to block as many flights and data as possible at the beginning.

Is it possible to shuffle staterooms, e.g. flying Business Class for most segment and First Class for one or two? Premiums are based on the highest fare in the highest aircraft class, i.e. even if you have a First Class ticket and the remainder is in Business Class, you will be billed 420,000 points instead of 280,000.

Find out more in our airline and airline program guides, which calculate the cheapest fare supplements. Air Passenger Duty is levied on flights leaving the United Kingdom. If your journey through the UK takes less than 24hrs, however, your departure will not be calculated using the APD.

Is it possible to make an on-line booking for this prize? Be sure to use the Multi-City Browse utility on the Quantas website, not the Round-The-World Browse utility on the oneeworld website. Except that if you add Japan Airlines to your travel plan, you must call them. Is it possible to add Emirates to my travel plan?

Emirates is not part of the Onworld Affiliate, so it is not suitable for this honor. Flights of Qantas performed by Jetstar Airlines (JQ, 3K, GK or BL) cannot be entered into the one world Classic Flight Awards. Think of keeping your overall mileage under 35,000 and try to make as many flights as possible so you don't get overwhelmed with changing and servicing charges.

Did you successfully redeem your Qantas points for an RTW reward and if so, where did you go?

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