Natural Orange Air Freshener

Orange natural air freshener

I have tried many products to make my home smell fresh and clean, but nothing has worked as well as this pure citrus orange air freshener. Citrus Magic uses this natural power and the most effective odour eliminators come from nature. That's why I decided to develop a natural, homemade air freshener that smells good and looks beautiful. The dried orange peels are cheap and often retain some of this sweet-scented orange scent. Salt absorbs stale and unpleasant odours, while the peel gives off a fresh orange smell.

It is not certificated as a cleanersgent.

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Orange Air Freshener Spray Citrus Magic® Fresh Orange

Orange Fresh Air Freshener Spray - 3,5z. Some of the most efficient odour removers come from the natural world and Vitrus Magic uses this natural force. Remove odours from exposure to Magic Orange Air Freshener Spray. With 100% actives from 100% natural zitrus oil, Zitrus Magic spray lasts up to 4x longer than traditional air refreshers, which usually consist of tapas, natural gases and some fragrance.

Just one Citrus Magic and you will immediately see the differences! Attention: Rates, promotional offers, style and availabilities may differ by shop and on-line. The stock is continually selling and receiving throughout the entire working days, so the displayed amount may not be available when you arrive at the branch. These inventories may contain a branch ad item.

Magical smell Removal of the air freshener Freshness Orange from the wholefood market

Orange Natural Odor eliminates air fresheners. Produced from biological Zitrusöl. Lemon and lemon aurantium dulcis (orange) shell oils. Avoid spraying onto plastics or paintedurfaces. When spraying onto your epidermis or into your eye, rinse thoroughly with plenty of plenty of water for at least 15 min. Vaseline helps to prevent piercing of delicate skins if necessary.

Store these and all air refreshers out of the range of young people. Instruction: Sprinkle Citrus Magic high into the air and within seconds odours will be removed.

Vanilla & Carnations DIY

Dilute the sodium bicarbonate in warm boiled running oil and then mix it with the lime juices, using ReaLemon. They can also prepare a good, fragrant aerosol with only two ingredients: pure white wine oil, aromatic oil and wine water or wine vinegar. Your choice is yours. Just fill a spraying flask with a drop of wine oil or wine vinegar, put in a drop or two of your favourite essentials, mix and stir and it's done.

Cook all the trimmings and let cook for two min. at moderate temperature. Take off the stove and leave to chill. Drain off the carnations, then add the fluid to the spraying flask, mix well and use if necessary. Some years ago I took this tip from a locals paper and use it since then, I really enjoy the scent of oranges:

Slice one orange in half and take off the flesh; fill the empty peel with some extra brine; place it on the back of your refrigerator as a refrigerator freshener; keep the orange peel in a small dish so that it does not tip over and the brine spills. Salts absorb stagnant and unpleasant odours, while the peel gives off a refreshing orange stain.

A further way to do this is to slice an orange into two halves and spread the meat generously with a generous amount of white sugar. As we like to eat orange, I always take off the fruit first. You can make for more air freshener, you see:

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