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Taxicentre Scotland

The Highlands of Scotland are covered by our office in the centre of Inverness. The Scottish police check all drivers to ensure that they are suitable for working with the public. Are you looking for taxi locations in the city centre?

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To find your ideal taxi, use the below mentioned finder. With our staff we can process your request and make an offer for a taxi without effort and minimal delays, offering a quick and courteous welcome at any moment. With our help, we can organise the supply of your new taxi at a suitable place and at a favourable hour for you, so no delays - ask for a new taxi today.

The Edinburgh Taxis - Useful Information, Prices, Telephone Numbers

The tramways of Edinburgh were opened after a delay in May 2014. There is one line and 15 bus stations connecting the main part of the town with the New Town. There is a line on the tramway from London to York Place and back to London International Airports. There are 15 stations on the itinerary, all of which are suitable for wheelchairs. Tramway is not very useful for tourist except to go to the main station and back.

Walking or by coach is the best way to explore the centre. From Edinburgh International Airports it is 35 min to Princes Street (the nearest stop to the centre). Click here to view a sketch of how to find us. At 6:15 the first streetcar departs from the terminal and at 22:45 the last.

Rates differ according to zones and selected types of tickets: Your daily familiy tickets are available for one full or two days and allow up to 2 adult and up to 3 child passengers to use the same tickets. Daily tickets give unrestricted entry to Edinburgh's streetcar network for whole host of different types of guests, except to and from the Edinburgh International Airports.

There are also unrestricted rides on the Lotus bus. How can I buy a voucher? You can buy your train passes at the automatic streetcar dispensers at every streetcar stop. They must have the correct exchange or use a direct debit note or bank transfer as the machine does not give them.

As soon as you have purchased your tickets, you must have them validated on the streetcar or Lotus van (within 30 min of purchase). Don't neglect to buy your tickets before boarding the streetcar or you will have to buy 10 on the plane.

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