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Expensive and inexpensive 10 airport transfers in Europe Removed aerodromes are one of the causes of the low fares. Often the journey from these aerodromes to the next town can be even more costly than the plane itself. Therefore I have analysed the transfer rates to the 10 most frequented towns in Europe from the nearby airport and selected the lowest and most costly ones on the basis of the bus fares.

Split this airport transfers rates into your favorite newspapers before you book a new low-cost European outing. There are often different ways to get from the airport to the town of your choice. You can use local transport, train, taxi... Shuttle buses is often the best and most comfortable alternative with a relatively low fare.

Here you will find the rates for shuttles in the most favourite towns in Europe. A very interesting place to go for every kind of tourists. Attractive architectural features, channels, gardens and renowned museum buildings are just some of the other attractions Amsterdam has to offer. Amsterdam is number 10 on the Huffington Post's ranking of the most frequently frequented towns in Europe.

Groningen and Eindhoven are the nearest airport to the low-cost carriers. When you only want to go to Amsterdam, you better take a flight to Amsterdam's capital (and only) airport, Schiphol. The below are the rates for the airport transfers from this airport to the centre of Amsterdam:

Shuttle from Amsterdam Airport to your hotel: Schiphol to Amsterdam train: Next town is Athens. Greece's capitol also has only one major airport, which is not very far from the town. Here you will also find various ways to get to the inner town or directly to your accommodation.

Airport-shuttle to your hotel: Underground from Athens International Airport to the Athens Downtown (Metro runs from 06:30 - 23:35): Coach from AIA to the centre of Athens: It takes about an hours by train or subway to get to the centre of the town. The next town on my roster is Milan.

We have three major airport near the city: Linate, Orio al Serio and Malpensa airport. The Linate Airport is in Milan, so the journey to the centre of the town does not take long. They can take a shuttles or even a normal citybus. See below the airport transfers prices:

Linate airport to Milan Central Railway Terminal by shuttles: Stadtbus 73 from Linate Airport to Milan Central Station: The Orio al Serio airport is in Bergamo, a city near Milan that is also interesting. These are the rates for a Shuttlebus to Milan Central Station:

The Malpensa airport is about the same away from Milan as Orio al Serio, but in the northwest of the town. See below the price of the Milan Central Station shuttles: The nearest town is a giant junction where many bulletin boards and meetings take place; the major airport is a place where million of people can change planes.

Southwest Germany is the heart of the city. One of the biggest international aerodromes is one of the major airport complexes in the city. These are the airport transfers in Frankfurt: One way (S-Bahn S8 and S9): 4,9 EUR (only 20 minutes to the centre). Airport Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) to the centre of Frankfurt:

The airport is far away from Frankfurt, Luxembourg is even nearer, but if you are looking for cheap flight to Frankfurt, you will see it on the map, not the major airport of Frankfurt. Next town is Barcelona. A few low-cost businesses take advantage of its attractiveness and give the airport near Girona, 100 km from the renowned town, the name "Barcelona".

Explore nice and non-touristic places in Barcelona in my tour leader through the neighbourhood of Gracia. Here is the cost you will be charged for the transfer from the nearest Barcelona airport. Aerobus from BCN to the centre of the city: From BCN to downtown by scheduled coach (46) or overnight coach (N17/N18/N19):

Girona airport to Barcelona downtown by shuttles: The nearest town in Spain is number 5 among the most frequented in Europe. Only one airport near the town is used for regular air travel. Madrid's major airport is also not too costly and there are no other aerodromes that use low-cost carriers.

These are the rates for the transfer from Adolfo Suárez Airport Madrid-Barajas (MAD) to the centre of Madrid. Many buses run from various airport terminal to the centre of the town ( 101, 200, 203...), but the most comfortable way to get there is by underground. There' s only one airport.

From there it is simple to get to the town centre, as there are many businesses that operate on this line. The majority of them have similar rates, so here are the most popular rates for airport transfer. DUB Airport to Dublin Downtown: There are two aerodromes in the Perpetual Town.

It is possible to get from both to the centre of the town. It is most comfortable with the shuttles. As in Dublin, many businesses are active on the way from the airport to the town ('Termini Station') and their rates are almost the same. Fiumicino airport to the centre of Rome (Termini Station):

Please visit my 3-day tour leader through Rome to find out more about this lovely town. There are 3 famous airport in the area. Charles des Gaulle airport is the biggest, the second is the Orly and the one about 100 km from Paris is named Beauvais-Tillé. Once you've found some cheap ticket, find out how you can stay a whole week in Paris for 50 euros.

The way from Beauvais airport to Paris can be costly. It is one of the places where flying to other parts of Europe costs less than a coach to Paris. Well, here are the airport transfers. In this case, the lower rate is when you make your reservation on-line. There also has the greatest number of internation airfields from all towns in the world.

These are the most common airport transfers rates. Stansted Express from STN to Central London: Shuttle from LTN to Central London: If some of the fares are incorrect, please add your comments below. Having analysed the airport transfers in the 10 most frequented European towns, we can say that the lowest are the cheapest:

Airport Barcelona El Prat, where you can take the coach for only 2,2 Euros. Some of the most costly places to take a shuttles or other transfers are: The Airport Schiphol Airport Schuttle to your accommodation is 17 Euros. From Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Frankfurt am Main, you can travel for between 5 and 19 euros (usually 16 euros on-line and 19 euros off-line).

For the same services as Amsterdam, 16 in Athens. From Girona airport to Barcelona, the shuttle will also cost 16 euros. You now know what the most inexpensive and costly airport transfer services are in Europe. Review my review with 50 hints on how to get around the cheaply.

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