Last Minute long Weekend Deals

Last-minute long weekend offers

Are you looking for fantastic offers for hotels and long weekend holidays? This weekend trip itself was pure bliss. Accessible weekend commemorative trips. Start the unofficial summer start with these last-minute commemorative weekend excursions. Find hotel offers for weekend excursions in the top destinations.

The new tool from Airfarewatchdog finds the best offers for long weekends.

There seems definitely to be a niche for the Weekender tool: Airfarewatchdog research showed that 57 per cent of travellers would rather take several long weekend journeys than a long holiday over the course of a year. We are a long weekend in a travel agency - our journalists flew to Chile for a three-day rest - and while Airfarewatchdog's new tools won't get you that far, they will at least get you away from your desktop.

Introduced at the beginning of this month, the new utility also allows you to benchmark quotes for different data and shows you this weekend, next weekend and forthcoming weekend option if your timetable is flexibel. Using the site for ourselves, the long weekend finder proposed $178 for outbound and return trips for a three-night journey to Cincinnati next weekend, $150 for outbound and return trips to D.C. for a mid-August weekend, and $240 for a weekend to Chicago.

Minutes-Weekend Beach Gifts

Come to the shore with these last-minute travel plans. Explore beautiful sandy shores and historical locations as you enjoy the Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook for the whole of your city. You can also sleep at The Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, close by, where there' s lots to do for food, drink and music.

Long-branch Escape to this seaside city offering sandy whitewashed shores and a seafront boulevard with stores and restaurants. At the Bungalow Hotel you have direct acces to a privately owned sandy area and within walk of the waterfront quays. Meanwhile, just a few paces from the shore, you' ll find the ocean's sparkling pools with views of the sea and a luxury spas at your disposal.

Explore the revitalised promenade in this historical seaside resort and enjoy the stylish new look at The Asbury, which was awarded one of the best new properties in the worlds by Travel + Leisure this year. Enjoy the morning by enjoying the sea view and then go to the hotel's stylish roof top restaurant for a relaxing afternoon drink.

You can also visit the Empress Hotel with sea view and full swimming pools and teak bars. Unspoilt Belmar coastline awaits you in this family-friendly Jersey seaside city, where accommodation often includes historical hotel accommodation and picturesque bed-and-breakfasts in historic villas. Remain within easy walk of Saltwater Inn and The Inn at the Shore or Belmar Motor Lodge.

The Seaside Heights For a busy board walk adventure, head to this beachfront city and enjoy two pleasure jetties, a aquatic garden, arcade and outdoor campfire. Bigger hotels are the Aztec Ocean Resort or Hershey Motel. This 18 mile long LBI is littered with picturesque beaches. You can also spend some time further afield at the family-friendly Engleside Inn or Mariner Inn in Strand Haven and enjoy attractions at the theme parc or waterslides.

The Atlantic Nightlife, Casino-Action, Shop, Gourmet-Dining and a promenade are the attractions of this shore side town. You' ll be staying where all the fun is at the Tropicana Casinos & Resorts or Caesars Atlantic Cities, and then spending the sunny days on the open sands. You can also try out the latest Atlantic West Resort Hotel & Casino and Ocean Resort Casinos.

Points Pleasant Strand With its ultra virgin sandy shores and children's-renowned amenities such as Jenkinson's Aquarium and Castaway Cove Mini-Golf, Point Pleasant Strand is a great place for a fast paced outing. The Driftwood Motel, a familiy owned moon with its own secluded sandy shore and lifeguards, is just a few minutes walk from the promenade.

Close by are Point Pleasant Manor and White Sands Oceanfront Resort & Spa. If you like an action-packed strand scenery, you'll enjoy the beautiful strands of wildland. Keep close to the thrill and take a look at the area's stunning mid-century Doo Wop architectural style when staying at the Starlux Boutique Hotel.

Be sure to check out Montego Bay Resort, Surf Song Beach Resort, the Heart of Wildwood Resort or El Coronado Resort. Stroll past colourful Victorian villas, search the Washington Street Mall stores and eat on one of the many terraces of this delightful city on the southernmost shores of New Jersey.

Stay at a historical estate such as the Virginia Hotel & Cottages or the Gran Congress Hall (America's oldest spa from 1816 ) to enjoy the full Cape May adventure. Further accommodations are La Mer Beachfront Inn, Marquis de Lafayette Hotel and The Grand Hotel.

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