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of NetJets Inc. a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, is an US corporation that markets partial or fractional ownership privately owned corporate airliners. NetJets was established in 1964 as Executive Aviation Japan. This was the world's first privately owned corporate fleet of chartered commercial airplanes and airplanes.

net jets inc. formerly Executive Jet Aviation, was established in 1964 as the world's first privately held corporate air transport and airplane charters and operations group. Among the founders of the Air Force Directorate were Air Force General Curtis E. LeMay and Paul Tibbets Jr., Washington attorney and former U.S. Air Force Air Force pilot Bruce Sundlun, as well as entertainment and piloting personnel James Stewart and Arthur Godfrey, with Olbert F. "Dick" Lassiter, Air Force Brigadier General Olbert F. "Dick" Lassiter, retiring as Air Force Chief of Staff and acting as Chief of the Directorate.

3 ][4] EJA started operation in 1964 with a fleet of ten Learjet 23s. By 1984, Jet Aviation was acquired by Richard Santulli, a former Goldman Sachs economist and Goldman Sachs former managing director, who owns a company that rents a helicopter to services for off-shore use. Santulli, when he became president and chief operating officer of the company, studied 22 years of pilots' logs and began to imagine a new economy in which several people could own an airplane.

The NetJets programme was formally launched in 1987 and became the first ever fractional airplane ownerership programme in company histories. At about the same date, a three-digit rear number with a QS symbol was affixed to every NetJets US plane, symbolising the pioneering Quarter Shares approach to the sale of an airplane - a characteristic that is still typical of the NetJets name.

He quickly realized that fractal ownership concepts were the futures of commercial aircraft, and in 1998, Berkshire Hathaway purchased EJA and NetJets Inc. Soon NetJets was expanding into Europe and then Russia, becoming the biggest provider of corporate jet aircraft in Europe in 2006 and the 9th biggest airline overall on the European Continent.

NetJets purchased Marquis Jet from its founding partners Jesse Itzler and Kenny Dichter in 2010. With the pre-paid Marquis Jet ticket, clients were able to buy 25 hour guarantee flying for the NetJets family. All NetJets planes carry this paintwork, and the US resident planes have the letter "QS" on the rear number, called Quarter Share.

The NetJets sell fractional quantities of certain airplanes that are selected from several available models at the point of sale. Proprietors will then have four hour guarantee period of entry (50-400 hrs per year, according to stock size) to this plane. If, for any reasons, the owner's aeroplane is not available, another aeroplane of the same model or a bigger aeroplane will be provided.

Factional owners are paying a montly service charge and an "occupied" operation charge per hour. This latter will only be invoiced if there is an owner or visitor on deck, not if the plane flies to a pick-up point or flies to another place after completion of a trip. The NetJets was implicated in a fiscal battle with the US Internal Revenue Service.

For the payment of various Federal Administration activity fees, airline companies are subject to a per seat fee. The operation of General aviation shall not be subject to the same taxation. As the IRS has suggested, the NetJets fractal property paradigm is really veiled in some cases, and NetJets is valued with over $366 million in outstanding income taxation and fines.

11 ] NetJets has filed a lawsuit against the IRS for this estimate and has previously incurred tax and fines in excess of $643 million. 12 ] The recent FAA reauthorization act contains a rule that would (temporarily) tackle the problem by amending the act to assist NetJets and other Fractional Property Firms. The NetJets family is the biggest privately owned jets group in the globe with nearly 700 planes in total.

Jetliners in your squadron are classed by cubicle size: The NetJets Aviation, Inc. company powers all NetJets U.S. commercial jetliners. In 2010 became a wholly-owned NetJets affiliate. Never had a deadly crash in the life of NetJets. NetJets flight 322,[25] an Embraer Phenom 300 arrived from Nashville International Airport on September 19, 2014, slipped off the Lone Star Executive Airport (IATA: CXO) takeoff at Conroe, Texas.

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