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Endangered " thousand of mini-cab orders as royalties increase from £3,000 to £700,000. A " usurious " increase in license charges for London based rental cars will push tens of millions of drivers out of work and shut down tens of taxi companies, as has been suggested today. Allowance has been made for an increase in five-year charges from less than 3,000 to 700,000 for some London based companies.

Fees, which last increased in April 2013, depended on the number of vehicles driven by companies. For those between 101 and 500 years of age the royalty will increase from £2,826 to £150,000. Carriers with 501 to 1,000 vehicles will see their bill leap from 2,826 to 350,000 in five years, while those with 1,001 to 10,000 vehicles will see their charge rise from 2,826 to 700,000 pounds.

However, the licensed car rental association today issued a warning that the "usurious" ascents would make unemployed and meet clients who depend on long-established taxi companies. LPHCA president Steve Wright, who has 180 members and serves approximately 20,000 riders, said: "Where in the world will this huge amount of cash flow from these openly stunning charges?

In London recorded mini cabs "working in other cities".

Over 3,600 Transport for London (TfL)-registered individuals have destinations as far as Bradford and Cardiff. Correspondence from the Mayor of London's office shows that there were 747 TfL-registered mini cab riders in Birmingham and 378 in Bristol. This means that the municipalities in these areas have no means of controlling the driving licence or the number of driver's cabins on their highways.

Southq Khan has asked the goverment for greater license authority. It calls on the Department for Transport (DfT) to reduce the number of licenses granted in London and to begin or end mini cab rides when the rider is enrolled. DfT said it had raised concern about issuing licenses for privately owned leases.

For many, it will come as no great a surprise that the mini-cab rules are proving unsuitable again. A " threefold licence block " is to be introduced, whereby a passenger's order can only be taken up if the car, the chauffeur and the reservation are under the responsibility of the same authorities - in this case TfL.

However, the locks no longer work because mini -cab applications like Uber mean that riders anywhere in the UK can legally reside and work even though they are TfL-affiliated. With the Uber application you can find a vehicle anywhere: in the past you called a number or went to a store.

Now we have a circumstance where locals across the nation, as far up north as Blackburn, Bradford and York, have no responsibility for minikabs of their own cities. In fact, because there are so many people driving in Brighton, too. It is the wish of the magistrate to amend the laws so that the trip must begin or end in the area where the mini cab is located.

Speaking of the mayor's proposal to prohibit cross-border recruitment, Steve Wright, president of the Royal Hire Car Association, said it would exacerbate the present situtation. "He said it would be too forbidding and would not resolve the issue of application enders showing up in areas far from where they are licenced.

"This would also have disastrous effects on the enviroment, as riders would have to go back to the area where they were recorded in order to create new employment, resulting in many kilometres of death. "A Uber spokesman said it would introduce changes that would mean prospective motorists could only use the application in the area where they are approved.

Speaking for a London mayor: "It' s timely that the Sadiq administration gives Sadiq the authority to limit these figures and also to put an end to the ludicrous practices of having riders registered in one territory with the single intent of working elsewhere in the state. "Permission for taxi and car rental is a municipal responsibility.

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