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Travel domestic fares and penalties. PDF file for domestic tariffs that opens in a new window. (average) is the best time to buy your national airline tickets.

internal fare

The indices are generated from BITRE's montly poll of the airlines' reservation pages. Ticket prices are only collected if they are available on the specified date of departure (last Thursday of the month). It is a fare index of the cheapest available fare in each fare category, weighed over select itineraries.

Neither does it quantify the airlines' actual revenues nor the passenger prices. From time to time, the index may show an uncommon performance if the specified date of departure is on or near a holiday: Travelling date dropped to a bank holidays in December 2013, December 2014 and January 2017.

Travelling date was the date before a bank holidays in April 2014, December 2015 and March 2018. Travelling date was the date after a bank holidays in April 2018. Departure date was the date before a bank holidays in March 2017. In November 2017, the company switched to the index of the limited economy:

Starting in November 2017, Jetstar's Limited Economics non-refundable gift certificates will be required for cancellation notices. As a result of this modification to the Jetstar offering, Jetstar is outside BITRE's defined limited economic fare definitions, resulting in a strong rise in the limited economic index for November 2017.

März 2015 - The Full economy index is discontinued: Since mid-February 2015, Qantas Airways has no longer quoted full economic fare on domestic flights. You can no longer create an index for this fare class. If full economic tariffs are available on adequate distances in the near term, the index for this tariff class could be reintroduced.

Dec. 2011 and January 2012 will change in the Business and Full Economy indices: The Business Index and the Full Economy Index were both significantly affected by the changes in the fare on offer. The Business Index declined significantly in December 2011, mainly due to the reduction of many of these tariffs by Qantas. The index again declined sharply in January 2012 as Virgin Australia launched Business Classic tariffs on many other itineraries.

Both Virgin Australia and Jetstar implemented simpler fare structure in June 2011.

New fare categories used in the compilation of indices are displayed on the Methodology page. One of the main effects of this amendment was on the index of the limited economic activity. New Virgin Australia tariffs used for this Flexi class were significantly lower than Virgin Australia tariffs previously used for Flexible. Qantas also responded competitively by reducing its Flexi Saver tariffs on rival itineraries.

As a result of these changes, the index of the limited economy fell sharply. In February 2008, the company switched to the Full Economy Index: Before February 2008, the Full Economy fare class was exclusively Qantas Fully Flexible. In February 2008, the Virgin Blue Business Plus tariff was added to the index class, resulting in a decline in the index at the time of the switch.

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