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There are 6 airfare reductions you should be aware of

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For over 36 years we have been offering you the best service and unbeatable prices as a traveller. After Latin America, we are the world' s foremost aviation consolidation company. It is our aim to offer the best rates for all Latin American travel destination. Posting consolidation tariffs has never been so fast and simple.

All our discount percentages quoted by our internal agent are included in our on-line system. Simply type in your query and a quick quest will bring you and your customers stunning cost reductions. It is our professionality, our know-how and our experience that have built a world-wide renown and respect.

An unconventional guide to reduced fares - now available: The Arts of Nonconformity

Having received many e-mails from many people asking for more handy information about my trip, I resolved to take the leap and create an e-book about discount flights. This 29-page guidebook documents the good and the evil about aviation in North America and beyond.

Using general strategies, concrete instances and tales of adventure that went astray ( and right ), I show how to buy airfares at reduced fares, regardless of fuel costs and the madness of the carrier. Briefly, the tour leader will help you travell more often for less moneys. Subtitled "Surviving Stress and Maximizing Fun", that's just about what I'm striving for - and it helps you for once get the most out of your trip, despite the adverse environments offered by today's carriers.

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