Where to buy a Private Jet

How can you buy a private jet?

To choose the right private jet when purchasing a jet ticket And in some cases - with Jetkarten you can even get simultaneous jetting, which makes Jetkartenprogrammes great for both companies and family. One way price programmes with assured availabilities allow you to plan exactly how much your private flight will charge in anticipation. They also know as long as you make your bookings outside the reservation period - as close as eight hrs before the desired flight, an aircraft that waits for you to go where you want, when you want. How do you find the right private jet for your needs?

Omit turbo-props for the time being ( topic of a forthcoming column), find out which jet model or class of cab is one of the most important decisions you will make. A part of what makes it difficult is that there are more than 100 different private jet models available from more than 40 vendors who together offer more than 290 different jet ticket programmes.

In order to make things easier - a little - I have divided the selection of vendors who are selling jet tickets by aircraft class and those who are offering a solution that allows you to select a particular jet model, addressing the most important aspects of both approach. Traditionally, they are divided into categories - lightweight jet, medium-sized jet, super-medium-height jet, large or heavier jet.

ARGUS publishes air travel data for commercial aircraft according to height and groups aircraft with a max take-off mass of up to 20,000 lbs as lightweight aircraft, those weighing between 20,000 and 41,000 lbs as mid-range aircraft and those weighing more than 41,000 lbs as large cabins, but there are large variations within each group. When you look at what belongs in the lightweight class, you'll find everything from the Embraer Phenom 100 and Cessna Citation Mustang, which each carry only four people, to the Phenom 300 and Citation XLS/Excel, both of which normally carry seven people.

Usually I say this because it is possible to configurate the same airplane with a different number of passengers. This means that when purchasing in a particular sizes class, you need to make sure you know the particular airplane the supplier is offering in that class. When you travel with five, six or seven passengers on a regular basis before deciding on a lightweight jet programme, make sure that this programme guarantees you a sufficient number of seated lightweight jets.

There are also great differences in the ranges of planes, depending on the number of passenger, the weight of baggage, the kind of headwind or tailwind and the altitude and airport use. At best, a lightweight jet could take you most of the way through the land, while on the other hand a refueling stop would be required.

There may also be some additional times you will have to fly in comparison to a non-stop trip, which contributes to how much you will be paying, as private fares are generally calculated on the basis of your airfare. A few programmes that are sold by categories allow you to scale the categories up or down - which is great - but if you base your budgets on lightweight jet fares and find that most of your trips end up in a mid-size plane, you'll incur some costs.

Comparison of jet ticket software may make the jet ticket pricing seem like the most obvious focal point, but spent your free moment with your agent to find out what the smallest possible plane that could be provided in this class is, and then, depending on how many persons you anticipate to fly, the plane that could be provided to you in this class will be able to make the trip non-stop.

Responses may not take you to another vendor, only to a bigger one. A number of programmes allow you to select a particular airplane instead of a particular class. In some cases, these programmes will buy you into a particular airplane model. Find out with these programmes whether you can use other airplane models and whether there are limitations - for example on top of the day, whether there are exchange charges or whether you only need to publish the prices for the desired airplane.

When you go this route, make sure that you either have the freedom to change planes when you need them, or the plane model you select suits all your flight needs, both in regard to capability and outreach. Others allow you to select any plane in your group.

If you make your reservation by an agreed number of lessons or even working weeks in advanced, some of them will either warrant this particular plane or equip you with a similar or bigger plane. Make sure in these cases that the airplane in your vehicle meets your needs. You' ll find some programmes that are more focused on long-haul travel, while other types of departures are more suitable for less than 1,500 mile.

In many cases, jet ticket vendors realize that a jet model or class does not meet all your requirements. With NetJets' Marquis Jet Combo card, for example, you can divide 25 lessons between any two planes in your jet cards fleet. According to Patrick Gallagher, EVP for Distribution and Global Market ing/Germany, he sees clients flying the Citation Sovereign, a seven-seater mid-size jet that can travel non-stop from the northeast to Colorado, flying against the headwind, then using the cheaper Citation Excel/XLS Jet that also has seven returning spots as it can travel non-stop with the tailwind.

Sentient Jet CEO Andrew Collins, who is selling by scale, says, "I don't think the best software fits your thoughts in this area. Flyers may not be able to easily adapt to a mid-size plane in 25 or 50hrs. It is possible that you will need air traffic to both lightweight and super-medium jets, depending on the nature of the flight, (passenger) number and cruising distance, so we do not have a transfer fee (if you change your cabins).

Matters are not always clear, says Andres Arboleda, Prive Jet chief executive officer. "A lot of businesses toy with the real class of the plane, some to support the business and others to draw the consumer," he says, adding: "Most of the time when you see (what some vendors classify as a mid-size jet) that' s listing as a lightweight (in a program), the likelihood of getting that mid-size plane for the cost of a lightweight is very small.

It is important to look at the current model aircrafts in the entire class of each business and also at the prices. We have so many different factors and most of the time they only confuse the consumer," says Andres Arboleda, Prive Jets chief executive officer. When you are looking for the best jet map, just focus on the best jet map prices and you can' t get the best deal on your jet map rate per hour.

Schedule your calls with at least four or five vendors who have programmes that meet your needs. Usually, as a outcome of the advice, we can make a referral and bring the customer into the jet class that best suits their needs and desires. "Jet tickets have never been as much loved as they are today as the number of programmes and operators has more than doubled in the last ten years, but when it comes to selecting operators you pay a lot of cash and there are many inequalities.

What is the procurement of your aircrafts and what are the standard for aircrafts and pilot? Make sure you research all available flight choices, as well as getting specifically on which plane you will be getting acces to, and make sure they suit your flight needs.

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