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Selling our private jets and planes. Equipped for the future air traffic control system (FANS): Selected private jets for sale: Jets MAC aircraft for sale. MAC Aircraft Sales can help you determine your aircraft requirements with our many years of experience.

Privatjets for sale | New & used

There'?s not many big bucks to buy than a personal jet. It is an asset deal that has enormous cash impacts, demands intense research and entails a high level of administrative overhead. Conversely, the sale of an exisiting plane is no less complicated and will require you to either find a customer willing to buy at the right rate - or suffer a potentially devastating defeat.

Over the years, our seasoned senior executive staff has worked with individual clients, small business owners and large groups, procuring the best privately owned planes for sale in the UK and around the globe, finding serious purchasers and completing the best transactions. Our trading in privately owned jet vehicles for sale has been extensive, with Beechcraft, Beechjet, Bombardier, Cessna, Challenger, Citation, Conquest, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker, King Air and Learjet among them.

With our footprint at the heart of the aerospace industy, we are an ideal partner for the sale of your current personal jetliners.

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The owner chooses Axiscraft Management to help him reduce costs and reduce downtime. We' ve been helping literally thousands of homeowners make their dreams of owning a plane come true. Specialized in the sale and purchase of used and new jet, turbo prop and reciprocating jets. We are at your disposal for everything from luxurious jets to time-saving turbo-props.

Have a look at our air charters or ask for a quotation below.

Sale / Acquisition of Privatjet | Aircraft Remarketing

Utilizing our re-marketing teams, we can streamline the sale of your personal jet, navigate and advise you through the entire lifecycle to make sure you get the best value possible. Your jet will be marketed on a proactive basis in an extended global marketplace, using our data base of over 250,000 proprietors, carriers and charters.

To maximize the attractiveness of your airplane and give it worldwide exposure through on-line and off-line promotion in the appropriate commercial and consumer marketplaces, we make sure that your airplane is professionally located. Our aim is to provide results and to make the selling experience as effective as possible.

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