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Best price for international airline tickets

Reducing the high costs of flights to Africa One of the largest editions of any Africa tour for Americans, be it a Southern Africa game drive or a seaside vacation in the Seychelles, is just to get there. In the high seasons, most departures are $2,000 or more in return - on bus - and involve a stop or transfer. Whilst some carriers, such as Delta and South African Airways, offer more comfortable itineraries, prices have risen further. According to Sabre Airline Solutions, the January Atlanta to Johannesburg airfare averaged US$1,654, an increase of 32% year-on-year. Between Washington and Johannesburg, the median price was $1,879, up 9 per cent from January 2006.

Overall, the overall costs for US to Africa air travel rose by 18 per cent in January. This means that if you are going to schedule an Africa holiday this year, you may have to be imaginative to find airline tickets that seem reasonable. First, earn your airline mileage and find out which airline is flying to the area you' re visiting.

For example, Kenya Airways will join the SkyTeam airline alliances this year - the airline networks that include Continental, Delta and Northwest. Ms. Friedman recently assisted one of her customers to create a travel with United Meilen for Lufthansa B. C. tickets from Chicago to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and then buy separate tickets for intra-African travel.

Kigali, Rwanda, for a mountaineering trip and then, also thanks to the saving on bus ticket sales, which would have costs more than $10,000, she stayed three night in Ethiopia and saw the historical towns of Gondar and Lalibela. Unless you have a supply of airline mileage for burning, you should travel to Africa in the northern hemisphere in your home country in winters, as flying from the United States to Europe is generally less expensive than during the bustling June to August holidays.

"As most planes flying to Africa are more likely to travel over Europe, our wintry season is usually good business," said Nina Wennersten, co-owner of Hippo Creek Safaris in Woodcliff Lake, N.J. Looking for a business to Africa, Astrid Breuer, a recreation professional at the Michaels Travel Centre in Agoura Hills, California.

Prizes for two tickets between the United States and Europe and Europe and Europe and Africa. As a result, they could find the most favourable overall tariff for both parts of the journey. A September voyage from Kennedy Airport in New York with Air France, for example, which began at 6 p.m. and arrived in the Seychelles at 7:15 a.m. after a 12-hour stay in Paris, was estimated at 2,822 dollars at the beginning of this month. However, the cost of the journey was not as high as the estimated cost of the journey.

Using the same data, but with different carriers, Ms. Breuer was able to reduce travel costs to $1,502. However, the cheapest option was to take Air India from Newark at 9 p.m., switch to Qatar Airways in Paris and after a short stopover in Doha, land in the Seychelles at 6.45 a.m. for a three and a half hour journey less than that on Air France.

You may also want to fly directly with Ethiopian airlines that fly between Dulles Airport near Washington and Addis Ababa, offering services to many other towns in Africa. "I have found that you are usually able to get better offers from the Nigerian carriers that have international travel to Europe and the US than from the major US and European carriers," said Amanda Jamieson, an Africa destinations expert at Journeys International in Ann Arbor, Mich.

At, the African Airlines Association provides a web link listing. Since April, the Star Alliance has been providing an African Airpass, which enables a traveller who purchases a round-trip airfare to Africa from a member airline such as Lufthansa or Swiss Air to take between 4 and 10 South African Airways sub-Saharan Africa departures, representing a saving of around 10 per cent.

In recent years, three low-fare airlines - Kulula, 1time and Mango, South African Airways' low-cost airlines - have also been established in South Africa, providing one-way fares from Johannesburg to Cape Town up to 248rds ('33.50, at 7.6rds to the dollar). From Durban to Johannesburg a flight costs only 219 RON ($29.60) to 1time and 175 RON ($23.60) to mango.

Look out for new departures on the mainland as carriers sometimes charge low rates on new itineraries. Virgin Atlantic is planning to launch day trips between Heathrow and Nairobi, Kenya, in June.

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