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From 19 January, KomfortDelGro will introduce the Transport News & Top Stories tariff alternative for its cabs. Singapore-based taxi company ConfortDelGro will introduce a flexible price system for its 13,600 cabins on January 19. This means for the customer that the tariffs for comfort and CityCab taxi in off-peak times could be lower than the measured tariffs, but also in times of high traffic as well. With the UberPad and a new UberFlash feature, you can now offer your users premium prices for KomfortDelGro taxi models.

Services will send the closest KomfortDelGro taxi or Uber privat carriage to the passenger requesting a journey. This step towards bundling the deliveries of LuxuryDelGro and Uber vehicles on a single joint vehicle is the result of an agreement between the two parties last November. This transaction, which is still under investigation by the Singapore Competition Commission, provides for the acquisition by DelGro of 51 percent of Uber's Lion City Holdings.

UberFlash is charging a basic $3 tariff, with a mileage price of 45 cent, according to a news release from ConfortDelGro on Thursday (January 11). This compares to higher measured fares for KomfortDelGro cabs, with a basic tariff of between $3.20 and $3.90 and a toll of 55 eurocent per kilometer for the first 10 kilometers and 63 eurocent per kilometer thereafter.

UberFlash tariffs vary according to market demands. Comuters have complained that ticket prices can be two to three higher at peaks or during MRIs. ConfortDelGro clients can continue to book meters for road cabs and taxi via the booking hotline or the ConfortDelGro corporate application. As with other Uber product, UberFlash charges a charge when a passenger is delayed seeing their driver or cancels their booking.

Clients who cancels their booking after five and a half hours will be billed $6. For clients booking KomfortDelGro via the telephone booking system or via the booking application of KomfortDelGro, there are no such fines. A Uber spokesperson said Thursday that the corporation will release more detail about UberFlash later.

"Our relationship with ConfortDelGro is a great way to enhance the overall transport environment and give Singapore more options to move at the touch of a mouse. "Following ComfortDelGro's collaboration with Uber, all 23,000 Singapore cabs will provide a vibrant price alternative. As of March last year, nearly 10,000 cabs from the five other taxi companies - SMRT, Trans-Cab, Premier, Prime and HDT Singapore Taxi - have offered taxi services at competitive prices when travel is purchased through the Grab application.

Traffic scientist at Singapore University of Social Sciences, Walter Theseira, said it is likely that the mean taxi rate charged during rush times will rise, but commuteers should profit from less wait time. However, whether comuters have to spend more than a normal taxi with busy schedules and dropped fees amounts to the daily demands and offers, he added.

"For example, if it's a wet one and the Singapore Grand Prix holiday seasons, we can be sure that prices will be higher, but on another occasion, if the climate is good and everyone goes by train, prices could be lower," Professor Theseira said. Whereas measured tariffs provide visibility to the commuter, the algorithm used by ride-hauling applications in determining prices dynamically is not.

The National Taxi Association's Executing Advisor, Ang Hin Kee, said that taxi companies must make sure, within the framework of the system of competitive prices, that taxi drivers' revenues are not undermined.

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