Round the World Airfare Specials

Airfare specials around the world

At the moment we have no flight offers starting from Toronto. We have three major alliances offering tickets around the world. The Star Alliance offers several thematic itineraries. If you are ready to explore the planet, a Round the World tariff offers an amazing value and the flexibility to follow your dreams. The return fares include all taxes, fees and surcharges.

Fares around the world | Air New Zealand

If you are willing to discover the world, a Round the World tariff provides an astonishing value and the versatility to pursue your dream. Air New Zealand's worldwide coverage and Star Alliance membership gives you more than 21,900 weekly departures to 1,329 cities in 194 states. With a Star Alliance Round the World Tariff you can go one way - eastwards or westwards, it's up to you.

More information on fares, a listing of the 28 Star Alliance carriers and a convenient guide and fly can be found on the Star Alliance website. If you are on a Star Alliance airline's FFP program, you can collect points and cash in rewards for everyone. Being a member of Airpoints will give you Airpoints Dollars and status points for every Star Alliance ticket you fly in a qualifying reservation category.

Once you have achieved Airpoints Gold or elite level, you will be eligible for Star Alliance Gold alerts and benefits on all Star Alliance carriers.

Make your intercontinental trip work.

Onworld Circle Tariffs are perfect for travelers who want to travel across different Continents without actually traveling around the world. No matter whether you travel the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Ocean frontiers, Onworld Circle Fare offers you outstanding versatility, comfort and value for your investment. a Continental. infinite possibilities.

Onworld Visits Pass gives you the liberty to travel to multiple locations on a unique continental scale and is developed with selection, value and versatility in mind. Onworld Visits Pass is the ultimate in travel experience. Select from the following one-world Single-Continent Business Passes: Make sure that the quote contains exactly the same date, hour, terms and cancellations for flights and hotels.

Round-the-World Business Tariffs for Finnair Frequent Flyers from Australia

The Oneworld Explorer round-the-world fare may be familiar to you, allowing you to fly around the world with Oneworld carriers. Did you know that several Oneworld carriers, Finnair included, are selling small ticket deals around the world for only a split of the fare? With Finnair, you can buy a worldwide service that allows you to fly to Europe via Asia and return via North America with up to 5 stops in all.

Driving in the opposite directions is also possible. The Finnair Round-The-World fares cost less than a Qantas Business class pass to London or New York and are of great value. Qantas and Finnair offer Business Classic flights around the world for just $5,591 during the actual sales period.

In fact, the fare depends on your itinerary and the stops you use, but many Business Class routes are available for less than $6,000. The Finnair Round the World Travel Pass allows you to stop in Asia (e.g. Bangkok) and North America (e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York) on your way to/from Europe.

You can stop in Europe wherever Finnair is flying - in most of Europe's towns. You must use Finnair within Europe and on long-haul routes between Europe and Asia/North America. However, for Australia to Asia/North America services, you can use a carrier such as Qantas or Cathay Pacific.

Above route would receive practical 760 Qantas Business Card points. That' s enough to get Qantas Gold and more than halfway to qualify for the Platinum state! Surfacesectors within Europe are allowed. Can only be purchased through tourist agencies. Currently, you can buy your ticket in both Economy and Business classes around the world!

Currently available starting at about $5,600, class fare is just over $2,100 for industry fare. It' just one of the many Early Birds specials currently being run in Europe. These sales end on 5 November 2018 and you can continue until 27 September 2019. Would you like to know more about air prices around the world?

Have a look at the low-cost course included in the Frequenquent Flyer Solutions course, which contains a round-the-world ticket modul. Matt' s Australian Frequency flyer writer, Matt's love of travelling, has taken him to over 50 countries...with the help of FFP points, of course!

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