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The online airfare battle is heating up as airlines remove offers. If online itineraries are struggling with some airline carriers, where are the travellers looking for online airfare?'s list of destinations was taken off American Airlines last week when businesses failed to reach a new agreement, and Delta pulled its fare plans from CheapoAir.

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Recently, has discontinued US airline lists. We have also announced,,, and that they will no longer allow our rates to be posted on their websites in the United States and Canada after Friday. Trains dissociate themselves from the charges that airline companies have to make in order to register their tickets with online tourist offices.

At least one large tariff retailer, Sabre, who operates a computer system that allows agencies to see air and tariff information, fought Wednesday, saying that he would terminate his sales agreement with America in August - a week before the end of the agreement - and in the meantime make it more difficult to see US tariffs on his display.

However, American and Delta are not the only airline companies that are becoming more selective when it comes to where their tariffs appear online. JetBlue, Virgin America and Spirit are increasing the number of promotional rates they offer through their own websites. A number of low-cost carrier companies, such as Southwest and Allegiant Air, have long been refusing to offer rates from online agents or tariff integrators such as, where travellers have to go to the airlines' own websites to see their fly.

What is the best way to look for tariffs now? Currently there is no one-stop-shop website containing all rates, but it is possible to have your base covered with only a few websites. Get started with ITA software, which is the technology behind many airline ticket shops. This is an simple way to limit the best flight times by enabling anyone to spend a whole months scanning tariffs at the best one.

Now click on "Find airfare now" in the centre of the homepage, then type in your date of origin and your final destinations and choose "see low fare calendar" to see which flight dates bring the cheapest fare. Protect your base by add a so-called, or meet page that doesn't just offer airline ticket sales, but covers thousands of pages at a time.

This way you will get an impression of the best tariffs available from different locations. Every metasearch site will configure its own technologies and access different tariffs, which can influence the results. For example, com obtains tariffs from ITA Software, Amadeus, a worldwide sales system, and some direct carriers, such as American and Delta.

With FareCompare, FareCompare sells flight tariffs from more than 500 carriers through the company Tariff Publishing Company, which publishes and sells flight tariffs around the world. But before you click the Buy Buttons, visit, a website with real folks searching for rates by hand and sometimes discovering lower rates than the other websites.

Frequently, Allegiant and Southwest sells and last minutes rates are recorded, which are often saved by airline companies for their own websites, such as JetBlue Cheeps, which are offered for purchase on Tuesdays via Twitter and are only available at, a Denmark based trip finder that searches the airlines' own websites as well as online offices focusing on low-cost carrier such as LyddAir, which offers services from Lydd Airport in the south-east of Kent in the UK to Le Touquet in France, is recommended for European destinations.

A reservation: Due to the way Momondo draws fare, it may be that outdated fare is displayed in the results. Instead of a long queue of tariffs, sorted the tariffs according to a "agony" index that takes into account fare, duration and number of calls. Similarly, assesses travel according to 11 different categories, which include leg room, air travel and punctuality.

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