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You can also opt for a one-way trip. Start planning your Intercity trip. Ola Outstation is your best on-demand travel partner for intercity travel.

The Ola Outstation Review: A perfect ride for last-minute weekend schedules

Whilst scheduling a brief near travel is simple, but getting a drive could be a big job for many. For quite some now Ola has been offering outdoor taxi services, and what is even more interesting is that the rates are very competitively priced in comparison to rent a vehicle companies such as Zoomcar or personal tour cabins.

Two Ola Outstation trips - Kasol and Nahan, both in Himachal Pradesh-- from South Delhi, here's what we think of Ola Outstation. Whilst there is nothing to really care about Ola Outstation trips, this check is designed to clarify the actual agreement when you make your first trip. PLEASE NOTE: The Ola Outstation services may vary from town to town and may not be available in your area.

You can also choose a one-way ticket. Only two Ola-Outstation journeys from New Delhi, which the writer himself undertook, are considered in this article. Best of all, you can almost immediately make a booking for Ola Outstation. Regardless of whether you make a reservation a full morning or an entire evening in advance, the tour is validated and the drivers' data is sent to your phone number only 45 min before the start of the itinerary.

1 ) Tap Outstation on the Ola application. 4 ) Specify whether you want to use the driver's cabin for One Way or Round trips. Please be aware that a one-way journey is not possible at all sites. 5 ) Specify the pick-up date and pick-up period and the date of your returned items. So if you decide to begin on Monday at 10am, your travel schedule for a 2-day round tour will be Wednesday at 10am.

Failure to complete the journey before this planned end will result in a surcharge plus driver's fee. Except for the price per kilometre (lowest 9 km for Mini to 14/km for Prime SUV), the remainder of the fees, inclusive of the driver's bonus, remain unchanged. Drivers' data will be communicated 45 min before the planned departure date of the journey.

The Ola and JuppTV join forces to get Ola Play TV online What about the tariff? Ola will share the travel estimates with you before you make your reservation. When you are inclined to hold on to the journey you have scheduled, the price is very near the estimation. I had made one of the journeys to Nahan following the price of the ticket.

That means that the price quoted is the price of 250 KM in only 24h. Each additional journey would mean that, depending on the car model, you would have to pay additional per KM. So if the overall ascent and descent distances are less than the overall estimate for the reservation time, the free kilometers can be used for free visits.

If, for example, your entire ascent and descent is 500 km and you have reserved the Ola cabin for 3 nights, this means that you have a 750 km (250 km by 3 days) travel band to keep within the estimate price area. However, the rider will never say no to the sights and never do this math before the start of the driver's cabin.

All you have to do is take the routes of the locals. One of the main benefits of Ola Outstation is also that the locals' attractions cost almost nothing in comparison to taxis at touristic places. Book Ola Cabs now from Zomato App Ola Outstation accepted Ola Geld. That means if you're not interested in making payments or losing it at the end of the journey, you can just use your bank account, your Ola account or your Ola network bank to top up your Ola funds with the estimate ticket price.

Accurate fares are deducted from the ticket price as soon as the rider presses the OTP button. The Ola Outstation riders are a little patience and generally shouldn't object if you're a little too slow with the start of your itinerary. However, there are extra fees (set by Ola, see app) for the end times of your journey.

Depending on the desired driving experience and the number of passengers. There is one to begin the journey and another to end the journey. Store a screenshots of the journey detail incl. the map for OTP. 2 ) Always make a note of the vehicle's accurate KM value before driving.

This also applies if the rider has enabled the Tripmeter. 3 ) Have a smart phone with at least 3G wireless access ready for browsing and other applications. Don't miss to divide your drivers and travel information with your relatives. Remember to carry a fully loaded electrical system during your journey.

4 ) There are no definite itineraries to travel as such, and there is also no formal Ola statement. Freely choose your itinerary. Apply the cabin as if it were your own but with the necessary consideration and follow Ola's general regulations. 5 ) As a conscientious client, you must settle the invoice shown in the Ola application at the end of the journey.

6 ) Get the off-line travel directions on Google Maps. It is very important because the connection to the web could be inconsistent along the way. How about the driver's fee and the overnight accommodation? At Ola we charge 250 rubles per diem to take good account of the needs of the chauffeur who will be staying with you.

Ola seems to need to give better cell phones and a wireless web map to motorists. During both journeys I had undertaken, the rider asked my phone for help with navigating, as Google Maps discontinued work on the rider's phone provided by Ola. It' indispensable because you pay per KM for the journey and every false driving directions will mean a wasting of your cash and valuable holiday travel to you.

On my journey to Kasol my Ola rider took a false road in the opposite directions while I was sleeping all dark just to realize that I reached Dharamsala and not Kasol in the mornings. Drivers apologized for a "wrong cut" because his GPS didn't work, but in the end I paid for at least 100 km and swallowed at least 3h.

Even with a non-uniform connection, Prime Play may not be useful to entertain you while driving. CIO Renault Sport shares how Formula 1 can use them, both of whom I had traveled with preferential pay in hand at the end of the journey. Indeed, one of them had himself said at the beginning of the journey that he would not tolerate Ola Money.

The Ola Outstation judgment could be a great accomplishment if you get the math right and keep some of the above things in the back of your head.

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