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Ugly truth about airline prices And if you incline to put your camper equipment away for the long time as autum is rolling around, you'll miss one of the best rucksack season. After all, in automn the temperatures, mosquitoes, forest fires and holiday masses have subsided, and you have the opportunity to have leaves, lepidoptera hikes and weather shows all to yourself. However, until early autumn, the park and slot channels empty, the temperature drops to a bearable levels, and the poplars glow bright orange, making them the ideal season for a multi-day trip through the high mountains. The Grand Gulch, the biggest of the Cedar Mesa plateaux on the island, has over 50 mile of hiking paths, breathtaking slick rock and ancient Puebloan remains to discover.

They need a Kane Gulch Ranger Station approval for daily walks and overnight stays or register for the Four Season Guides' four-day, 25 mile backpack tour at the end of October and take charge of shipping, meals and equipment ($1,100). Trinity Alps, between the Coast Range and Cascades in Northern California, is a backpacker's paradise thanks to its 525,000 hectares of jagged wildlife and about 550 mile of hiking paths, among them part of the Pacific Crest Trail.

During the autumn you can prevent the annoying mosquitoes that haunt the area during the summer. At the beginning of October, Wild Beginnings Adventure Co. will conduct a 15 mile, two nights journey ($375) from Boulder Lakes trailhead, providing food and camp equipment, if you wish a tour leader. There are only ten mile walks around Lake Michigan's Rock island, 90 mile north of Green Bay, Wisconsin, but all of the island's 40 marked camp grounds ($20) demand a fast walk, so it's a great place for a short walk.

It is overcrowded in summers and the boat season ends in October, so September to early October is the ideal season to do so. Between September and November, a large number of black butterflies migrate southwards over the course of the winters, and they often take the same route every year, making it simple to go straight on their way.

Florida Panhandle in the end of October and early November is a good choice, and St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge is known for its monarchic sights. It is also home to nearly 50 mile of the Florida National Scenic Trail, so you can backpack for a few extra day in your quest for flapping oranges.

Orionid's showers will reach their climax on 21 October, with up to 20 meteorites per minute. This 11,651 hectare reservation features cascades, caverns and gorges, and Hikemore Adventures provides tailor-made rucksack tours on the 34-mile Linville Gorge Loop Trail (starting at $225). The tour leaders prepare breakfasts and dinners and provide you with light backpack equipment.

In the Pacific Northwest, the pine is a frequent species, but the coniferous becomes really lively in autumn, when its characteristic small pins turn gold-coloured. Stephen Matera and Scott Kranz, scenic geographers, are working together in early October to conduct a three-day North Cascade Eastern Hill photographic training course ($1,299) to help prospective photographs catch the best form of European Lichen.

You' ll stay one overnight with your backpack in the Cascades and another in a nearby accommodation in Washington East Methow Valley. It' simple to get away from the crowd and dive into some of New England's most beautiful autumn leaves when you're ready to walk a few mile. There are also more than 70 mile of marked paths for daily hikes in the area.

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