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Rome White Taxi Italy

Because they' re white and "official" doesn't mean you' re clear. Checking the Taxis Rome, Rome, Italy, Italy - White Taxi in Rome Unfortunately, the subway in Rome has only two routes to speak of, and as beautiful as they are, they do not span the whole town. When the tramway goes through Trastevere, it passes over the viaduct and ends at Piazza Venezia, which in my view is somewhat idiotic. If you are exhausted on foot after a whole working days, taxi is your only choice.

Marking cabs is against the law in Rome. You' re gonna have to find a taxi rank. The Pantheon, the PIazza Navona, the Colosseum and almost every Trastevere viaduct are all major touristic sites. Or you could ask your café or restaurants executive to call one for you, but there is an additional fee and the walk to the booth is much more comfortable.

From Trastevere to Termini it will cost about 10 to 12 Euro (if you include the tip, and you should too). The taxi must be white and have a counter (sometimes the counter is integrated in the rear-view mirror): Rom is a high-tech city). Ensure that the instrument is switched on.

Don't take a taxi from Ciampino to Rome. Here is the reason why

Never take a taxi from Rome International airport in Ciampino. As it turns out, the taxi driver in Ciampino has a bat that revolves around the (illegal) exploitation of tourist. As I usually take the coach from Ciampino to the centre of Rome, I had no notion. However, last weekend, after a 5-hour late arrival, which means that I arrive depleted (and tortured) in Ciampino, a boyfriend and I chose to share a taxi.

Taxi from Ciampino to Rome costs 30 ?. This is the fixed price determined by the town; it covers all the people in the car, all their pockets and a stop in the middle. It'?s against the law for a driver to ask more. There is also a fixed tax of 48 from Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci International Park.

This is the complete listing of taxi tariffs for Rome as posted on the Comune di Roma's own website (the second page of the PDF contains everything in English). Well, pockets in our hands, we went to the taxi line. Again, the taxi line is officially in place. Stuffed with officially certified, licenced and registrated cabs.

And as with all officially licensed cabs (to minimise the number of scams), each one had a large inscription on the page stating that the Flatrate for Ciampino to Rome is 30 Euros. Here it might get tricky: The script directly on the taxi says the "Rome Centre" everything within the town' s outer wall.

However, as it is described in the town' s law, it encompasses the centre of Rome, Trastevere and the Vatican quarter. To put it another way, 99% of the visitors who come to Ciampino (or Fiumicino) stay inside the wall, as they include the area around the Spain Staircase, the Termini Railway, Piazza Navona and St. Peter's, all in the centre.

Old (and cute looking! and cute! and smiley!) old taxi rider at the top of the line went off to take our sacks. When I took my purse back from him, I turned to the other riders. When we drove down the road from the airfield, I was looking back. In fact, he had gotten into another formal, licenced taxi.

Look, I should be used to these things in Italy. However, it has been a while since I have seen this open portrayal of violations and intimidations; bear in mind that these were all officials taxi driving. Luckily I knew what the "centre" and the "Aurelian walls" really mean.

Now, instead of getting a ride, they wanted to spend a few extra minutes in front of the airfield and hang around. Do not take a taxi from Ciampino International Station. Unless these boys actually begin to pay close attention now to the shallow fares. Many other simple ways to get to the centre are available, even the 5-Euro busses (as soon as you leave the luggage area you will see bus counters ); afterwards, whether or not you are tired, we should have done it.

However, the lump sum will remain 30 euros and the taxi riders in Ciampino will still ignore it. Here you will find more information on how to get from Ciampino International to the centre of Rome. Perhaps you also like: how to use Rome local transportation, how to prevent Rome's best fraud and (something happier!) the best trattorie in Rome.

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