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Around the world Tickets | STA Travel

No matter if you are on the road for a year, working abroad or just looking for an adventurous trip, with STA Travel's Around the Earth flight you can explore every part of the wide range of destinations you like. Select from our affordable multi-city and top itineraries around the word, or talk to a travel expert to build your own Round the Word tickets.

How about a sightseeing flight around the globe? Around the globe flight allows you to fly with one return flight to several destinations around the globe. And if you feel like visiting a few different destinations within the same area, a multi-stop or multi-city flight might be better than an all-inclusive fare around the globe.

Take a look at our example tours or get in touch with us to make your own! These are some of our most loved around the world flight that you can make or reserve with us. Have a look at our top tours and multi-stop tours on-line or collect your own travel itineraries.

Flying to any destination in the globe, we can reach wherever you want. If you are willing to get in touch with our Round the Word experts by e-mail or telephone, or make an on-site meeting to see us in person! STA Travel - Why make a booking?

Around the globe! What are Round the World Tickets like? Briefly, a Round the Word with STA Travel allows you to explore a number of destinations around the globe with a single all-inclusive flight route. Just talk to one of our expert Round the Word experts, let them know where you want to go, and they will do all the legwork and make you the best possible offer.

What does a Round the World ticket costs? Round the World tickets vary according to the number of tickets and the itinerary. There are smaller multistops for under $1000, but you can still go around the globe for as little as $1,699 - just take a look at our Check As Way!

Students under the age of 30 can take our BlueTicket special rates to help them make savings or make advanced bookings to get the best deal. Am I supposed to go around the globe? A Round the World ticket is usually up to 12 month in validity, but we also have 18 month excluding passes and tailor-made one-way multi-stops for those who want to work abroad for a year or two.

What time should I make my reservation? Make your booking as early as possible. And the sooner you make your booking, the better the value of your flight. I am not a college graduate, can I still make a booking? Pupils, instructors and adult... we have around the globe planes for all adventure seekers! Is it possible to modify the flight data for a round-the-world flight?

Yes, with STA Travel's MultiFLEX passports you can make simple changes to your dates on the move without having to pay for them. Simply ask us which ticket is suitable for the passport and select the various available choices. During your absence, please call our Global Travel Help staff, which is available around the clock, if you have any issues or changes to your reservation.

May I bring my Round the World Ticketed items? In order to give you more travel free of charge, saving you money and ensuring the best rates, reserve your seat with our $99 Lay-by and make the payment before you leave. Please ask us which of our ticketing is suitable. I' ve got my Round the World ticketing on!

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