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The Vamo solution rationalizes the complexity of the travel booking procedure in multiple cities. Large on-line booking websites have found out about outward and return trips, but anyone who has tried to make a multi-city booking knows how difficult it can be to find the best flight, the best public transport and the best accommodation - especially at the best possible rate. Vamo, a start-up that wants to make the laborious task of booking travel internationally as automatic as possible.

In order to plan a journey, travellers choose where they fly from, when they want to depart, how long they want to travel and how many persons will travel. The Vamo will take it from there and optimize the order in which travellers should travel to towns in order to get the best value and spend most of the traveler' s travel experience from place to place.

"It is our belief that most global travel can profit from a utility like ours. "We believe that most global travel can profit from a utility like ours. "If Vamo is a success, it is the kind of services that could overthrow one of the key areas of travel agency excellence. Most would-be rivals are genuine people who plan the route.

Flightfox, for example, links travellers with booking professionals to create the ideal travel route. Multi city booking is of course available on KAYAK, Expedia, Priceline and others, although it can try several different booking methods to find the best rate, and the trip can take a few ours. "Steinberg said, "We think it is best to let the optimization be left to the machinery - we are fully automatic and free of charge.

" The quality of the website in facilitating complicated bookings must be decided by the user. Even though it only lasts a minute or two for Vamo to provide a full route, even a four-hour trip across Europe shows how involved scheduling can be: As soon as a traveller embarks on a route, there is more to do.

The Vamo scanner will scan tens of millions of available flight locations, booking locations and means of transport, and ticket bookings must be made on these locations. According to Steinberg, booking could be further tightened in the near term, but routing travellers directly to the sources will let them see that they are getting the best rate. "But the most difficult and important thing in developing this is to make it really straightforward and straightforward, while at the same time offering enough versatility to cope with all the different destinations and limitations human beings have for their travels," Steinberg said.

" Vamo also on Tuesday heralded its expansion beyond Europe with much of Asia, Australia and New Zealand supporting it.

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