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Taxicab Taiwan Receipt

Taiwan - Taxi (Receipts?) - Taiwan Forum I' m going to Taiwan next weekend, make some bussiness travels and want to spend my taxi time. Driver issue receipt? Taxis are obliged to produce a receipt, but most of them simply do not issue a receipt as normally travellers will not ask for one. If you find it simpler to get a receipt if you take taxis from the taxi broker, such as Taiwan Taxi (55688), you can call his taxi from 7-11 am with the "ibon" plane.

Don't be afraid, there is always one on the taxis, otherwise it would be illegitimate. Taxis 55688 make available receipt and take credits& just as important, their engines are working, while I had taxis with credits, but when it came to paying, it seemed erased, harassed or said the engine didn't work.

It' not that I was worried at all, because the riders are generally very friendly and supportive. However, I have also found that Uber is very dependable and often cheaper than taxi with a taximeter. In contrast to the USA, Uber here is very professionally, safely and neatly in my 4 years of working with them (you won't even be smelling of tobacco if that' important to you).

They will also receive a detailled "contract" and a receipt by email, as the over-drivers here are obliged to own taxi licences and work for a licensed taxi/transport operator, great information Carolyn, thank you. Isn' it quite simple to get one all over Taiwan or just in the bigger city? And Carolyn's right. Uber's a good one.

But sometimes it can be difficult to get a rental if you are in a suburb, especially just southwards or eastwards of Taiwan. Concerning the problem of credits cards - that happens sometimes, indeed. However, if you call a taxi from 11.7., you can choose "pay by bank card". As a result, riders first receive a message if they know that their machines are not working, they will not accept the query.

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