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Hold cabs at home: Counselor

The three Coquitlam taxi firms that want to drive some of their taxis in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday evenings come across traffic signals from the Rathaus. Earlier this month, the Vancouver Municipal Assembly approved a written request to PTB to resist the offers of Coquitlam Taxi, Port Coquitlam Taxi and Bel-Air Taxi, 15% of each Vancouver navy between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. on the weekend, at specific occasions and when cruiseships are in Vancouver.

Altogether 17 local taxi operators in Metro Vancouver have requested to have their cars in Vancouver at prime times, an initiative last year proposed by PTB and now under review by the Victoria Autonomous Court. Early this year, Federation Chairman Mohan Kang said to the Black Press that there is an urgent need for more taxis in Vancouver, where only four businesses - Yellow Cab, Black Top and Checker Cabs, MacLure's and Vancouver Taxi - have licenses.

Bel-Air Taxi did not answer a call immediately on Thursday. The Bel-Air has 46 cars, while Coquitlam Taxi has 31 in its fleets and Port Coquitlam Taxi has 14. On Monday, the town councils Linda Reimer, Lou Sekora and Terry O'Neill declared themselves in favor of the taxi companies' offers (Reimer and Sekora in November last year got Bel-Air campaigns contributions during the citizens' run).

However, the vast majority were complaining about the shortage of taxi services currently available to locals, especially when it rained or near a bar. A lot of Vancouver taxi driver don't want to transfer a passenger to Coquitlam - a bill that costs about $60 - and come back with an empty taxi.

He said that when the Evergreen Line comes to Coquitlam, planned for 2016, he would like to see the S-Bahn line run until 2 a.m. Taxi traffic has also increased since B.C. introduced much harsher punishments at the side of the street for drinkers in autumn 2010. Moreover, the burgomaster said that the town does not have enough taxi's for handicapped people, and when they are on the street, they are often used to take tickets to the airports because they have enough space for baggage.

Meanwhile, the Coquitlam advice agreed with the unanimous offer of Royal City Taxi to PTB to expand its own taxi fleets by 15 and the number of available cabs by three.

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