Round the World Itinerary

Around the world itinerary

Would you like to fly around the world? Take a look at our examples of routes and itineraries around the world or create your own with one of our travel experts. Discover the best classic routes around the world. Itineraries around the world for all destinations and budgets.

Around the world Routes | STA Travel

Discover our favorite Australian tours and discover the world from as little as $1,149.... We have listed some of our favorite itineraries on this page, but we are sufficiently versatile to review and schedule any itinerary around the world you imagine. Arrange an itinerary and pass on your wishes to our travel experts, who will tailor a tour around the world for you.

View these mid-range routes for less than $2,500 to travel to Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America.

Classical Around the World itineraries

Classics " are a collection of routes around the world that we have put together for all kinds of people. The routes range from the "best places in the South Hemisphere " to the "Around the World in 80 Days", in the footprints of the iconic Jules Vernes work. All of these world routes are tailor-made for individual travelers, pairs or small groups.

Select the date of your travel, the length of your stay and the exact itinerary to make it the ideal circumnavigation of the world. Helping you find the specific parts of the world, we prevent loss of quality delays and prevent issues. Enthusiasm enlivens our staff and it has enabled us to successfully help other travelers seeking a point of contact to organise their travel of a life.

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We' ve built 5 tours around the world to help you plan your big itinerary. All of them feature stations in stunning towns from Lonely Planet's Best Destination Guide. To help adventurous people who have chosen that this will be their year, we have put together a 5 itinerary example for a journey around the world using some of our best rates and best practices.

We have already produced reasonable RTW trails like these several occasions and have received a lot of interest. Each year Lonely Planet publishes her checklist of suggested travel locations, and since it is Lonely Planet and they seem to be loving her, we have used her tips as a foundation for some of our itineraries.

Lonely Planet's advice is shown in the following route in amber. Those proposals are just that, proposals and should serve as a point of departure for your own travel plans. Best thing about this journey is that there is only one plane which takes more than 6hrs. An amazing and fanciful RTW that encompasses Southeast Asia, Africa and the Lonely Planet 2016 towns of Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Cape Town, South Africa.

The journey will give you so much of India that you will long for Curry's for a months when you return. Number one town on the top ten of Lonely Planet, Kotor, Montenegro (nearest TIV airport), brings you gradually back and forth to the USA via some of the best places in Europe.

This itinerary may also entitle you to a break in Los Angeles, London or Dubai at no extra charge. Three Lonely Planet towns, Nashville, Rome and Dublin are suggested for this itinerary. On this itinerary you will pass through Quito, Ecuador, and Fremantle, Australia (nearest Perth airport), both on the Lonely Planet ranking, singular for travellers and for most travellers under the radars.

Maybe you can also include Los Angeles and Singapore in your travel at no extra charge. A hint to the prices: The TripPlanner uses pricing spans to give you the best picture of what a particular route will charge. Click here for more information on how TripPlanner works and the pricing categories.

So if these proposals only make you hungry, use our itinerary planner to discover your favourite itineraries and you will find that RTW trips are cheaper than you thought. "Find out how you can conserve cash for traveling around the world. "See: 7 easy ways to make your journey around the world a real one.

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