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Domestic online flight booking

Booking domestic flights to Nepal online. Offering the best fares and a wide range of availability on domestic flights in Nepal. Booking a flight now is the best way to start your journey with Air Niugini.

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Because Nepal is known as the land of the Himalayas. There has been a convergence of 1310 glorious 6000 meter summits, among them 8 of the 14 highest 8000 meter summits in the worlds, the simplest and most secure way of traveling in Nepal is with local airline companies. Although it is a Himalayan land, aviation is very well linked to the main city of Kathmandu.

In Nepal there are only a few large carriers, of which Yeti Air, Buddha Air, Simrik Air and Saurya top the lists as they have a regular service to every part of Nepal. Several of the most important itineraries are to Pokhara, Lumbini, Biratnagar, Lukla, Bhadrapur, etc.. In addition, there are daily regular daily departures by these carriers.

Mountaineering usually takes 1 hr with fascinating view of Everest and other peaks in the area. Our company is the biggest shareholder of the national airline companies in Nepal. and Yeti Airways. In Nepal we are offering low priced airline ticket for different industries.

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With our "Pay Later" options, you can comfortably reserve a flight online NOW and make your reservation within 24hrs of booking at one of our ticketing counters. It is possible to make payments by credit cards or money in hand. This is the best chance to benefit from the online rates and still make your payments in bar.

Find and purchase these discounted rates for domestic and domestic travel and complete this offer. Above mentioned options apply only to all Papua New Guinea based targets, both locally and internationally. Ticket must be collected from a Air Niugini representative within 24hrs of booking, otherwise the booking will be voided immediately.

There is a 3 day (or 72 hour) delay before the flight's planned flight start date before this option can be used. Applicable only on Air Niugini and Link PNG Airlines services. The General Business and Tariff Regulations still govern - please refer to the Tariff Regulations online at the point of sale as the Tariff Regulations differ depending on your tickets and destinations.

All or any of the above provisions may be revoked by Air Niugini Limited at any and all times in its absolute discretion and without advance notification.

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