What's the Cab number

What's the cabin number?

I had a pleasant experience with this taxi company. The National Cab Company - 13 Pictures & 97 Reviews - Taxis - 2270 McKinnon Ave, Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco, CA - Phonenumber After using the firm for years with the simple telephone number (which you know), I got sick of being disappointed - especially when I set it up for work. Calling National (merged with veterans) to prepare a pickup for a V.I.P.

customer. Drivers came 5 min before the agreed upon arrival times.

I got a call from him telling me he was down there. "Don't be afraid - take your sweet little while - I'll be waiting. Give me his cab number. I take the simple number from my cell and replace it with National's. Then in 12 mins they said 15 mins and in 15 mins after that they wanted me to hold and then make a roundabout way to take a sandwhich to the dispatchers after I was waiting for it to be done.

EVERYONE's experiences with our services! Taxi # 856 Today I was too late to meet for a meet, so I figured the quicker way to be in the bureau was to use a taxi (6 block drive - quick drive I know, but I always let $5 to $15 tips), this dude complained about my drive, too briefly, I assume to go on foot and offend me up to my bureau, and then he told me how much tip I should get him out! and then he wouldn't give me my reception!

When I use a taxi, I ALWAYS tip (at least $5 - Max $15, especially if the chauffeur is cute, I know how much SF is), but why do I have to tip if you have insulted me up to my station? Well I' d like to say that I've had a great deal of exposure to this firm, but since Taxi #70 in San Francisco just clipped me off and then hit me on his pauses in a bright gray to try and get me to his backside and remain there until the lights turned turn brighter, almost turned bright, and then fell to the ground, this taxi firm will never be able to use my work.

That'?s the ugliest cab fare I ever saw. OF ALL TIME. Attention this firm and the taxi #2966. I' ve never seen such a firm or such a chauffeur before...! Do not try to solve a problem you may have with this firm by getting in touch with it, it will reject you.

Today we had good experiences with this taxi service in SF. So we could call the taxi service and the chauffeur came back with his purse within a few moments! Nationwide taxi cabbie stops, scrolls down his windows and shouts for me. "He shouted (for what I suppose was the second time): "Hey, wouldn't you like to go in my beautiful hot taxi!??!?????

I' m horrified and scared about this whole thing. Think I' ve seen enough of this cab fare, and I haven't even asked to get into it. As my 14-year-old girl was deposed from the BofA office in the city centre, a Luxor rider and a local cabman got out of their taxis to ask our baby-sitter to move the car - it was a cab area.

Having been planning to take a taxi to the airports, I decided to change my opinion based on my experiences. While I appreciate the difficulties faced by taxi riders these past few weeks, total animosity, aggressiveness and rudeness and lies make it all too simple to apply for an attic. Although I take a lot of cabs, I have never checked a taxi service before.

There' s a taxi firm that sets itself apart from the crowd: AKA Veterans cabin. Had a lot of cab numbers stored in my cell phonebook, so I began dialling. Record, then dwell to number one. Record, then dwell on number 2. Ring, ring, ring, ring on number 3.

I had had similar experience innumerable occasions before and had always given up and tried to fly flags, but this once I went to 4th place, they were National/Veterans. One funny dude responded immediately, and a cab arrived about 5 mins later. Couple of nights later I needed another cab status and found myself in an area that was dying to mark.

and the same fun dude replied and phoned me by name. Noticing that I was not used to this kind of kind of support, he said that National/Veterans are proud to actually "answer the phone". Soon after, my cab went up. Last week-end I needed a cab again and getting one in my neighbourhood on a Sunday night is kind of painful, so I chose number 4.

Another type replied, just as kindly, calling me by my name, making a kitschy play on words (don't ask), and my cab comes a few moments later. It looks like it's finally getting number four to point number one. The National Cab Company does not belong to the higher level and therefore: Once I was waiting 30 mins for a cab in the rains before I decided to try my luck and go home.

Finally I got a call from an irate taxi rider asking where I was. Granted, I haven't phoned her since. Nearly too simple to be exact. National' s rider watched a film on his iPad lying on his knee, listening to the sound track through the loudspeakers while he drove!

Working in the bureau, Arthur would help me figure out the BIG TODAY by assisting me to find and fetch back my iPhone that I had dropped off in a cab. Nationwide Taxicab should be embarrassed that its riders let clients run to blow up the counter. From the Fairmont Hotel I took a cab to the SFO, and the chauffeur blew the price from the regular $45 to over $60 by taking a winding road on 280 around Daly City.

Even more serious is that I immediately phoned the National Cab offices after the event, and then again two more occasions later to claim a $15 reimbursement, which is the regular ticket price. Nothing the enterprise did but find constant ways of making excuses. No. All I asked for was that they recognise the wrongful behaviour of their rider.

The taxi chauffeur pushed himself into the exiting track directly in front of me. but they haven't returned my calls yet. Nearly wish he could have gone on and scratched the side of my vehicle, the local taxi would have payed for all the damages.

I' d call the cabs, but they won't do anything. Usually they don't, and it seems like the business doesn't give a damn. Is this taxi firm actually carrying out checks on these riders in the context of their backgrounds or psychology? The driver wrote an SMS, interrupted me, turned me around and made fun of me while he was driving.

Like in no, you can't drive in my cab. I' m never gonna use this firm again.

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