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Get a ride in seconds from the largest taxi company in Vancouver. ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Blacktop & Checker Cabs Vancouver's Cab Company. What does a taxi cost in Vancouver, BC, Canada? Vancouver has four taxi companies.

Maxi-Taxi at the Vancouver International Airports - Vancouver Forum

Is there a maxi taxi at the airports to take 4 persons and baggage to downtown Vancouver? Many taxivans simply go to the taxi stand and tell the taxi operator about your needs, he will take care of you. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings.

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Find out everything about us and our Vancouver story! Keep up to date with the latest information and happenings that we are holding. This is our dedication to providing world-class client services. In order to share your thoughts and commentary on the services you have been given, or to make a particular event known, please take the opportunity to complete one of these two questionnaires.

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With a commitment to using only premium, cleaner cars, unsurpassed levels of client care and driver professionalism, we continue to exceed the aspirations of Vancouver's people. "The taxi can transport a max. of 4 persons." We now have 6 cars. Understanding that the level of services we offer is highly dependent on our fleets.

Dedicated to 100% client service, all our Vancouver cabs are of high standard, very tidy and very reliable. At present we send 103 cars, of which 15 are fitted out for the transport of people with handicaps. Each of our airport cabs is fitted with state-of-the-art computerised equipment that enables us to effectively co-ordinate passenger and vehicle movements.

To ensure passengers' security, our Vancouver cabs are fitted with a global positioning system and a closed-loop control camerawork. Furthermore, our cabs are both animal and environmentally sound. The majority of our cabs are Toyota Prius hybrids with low CO2 emission. Maclure's Cabs' reputation as one of Vancouver's most reputable, credible and trustworthy taxi companies is credited to our employees and our driver team, who are thoroughly educated and expert in their area.

As soon as the customer phones us to make a reservation, we make sure that he feels that Maclure's Cab is something different immediately. In the meantime, our driver have years of driving and have chosen the taxi hosting programme, so customers don't have to bother. Pick up and delivery services for concert, game, luncheon and evening meal.

No matter whether you're driving to Vancouver International Vancouver or exploring the area, you know Maclure's Cabs is a name you can rely on when it comes to providing punctual taxiing. If you hire us, you may forgot to navigate through the streets, find the right car park or pay an arms and legs for the services.

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