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Booking a flight

Endless search engines and constantly fluctuating prices make the approach of economical flight booking overwhelming. For passengers wishing to request a refund, please enter the ticket number. VISAS & HEALTH - Discover Egypt - Travel Guide - Route Planner - Book - Book a Flight - Book a Hotel - My Bookings - Car Rental - MediterraneanRotary - Fly. Here's what a new study showed.


Booking a flight

Tahiti is served from Paris and Los Angeles by non-stop connections every day, with comfortable air services to Auckland and Tokyo. Our codeshare partner SNCF rails in France, American Airlines in the USA and Qantas in Australia connect us to 39 other major destinations such as Sydney, New York and Marseille.

With our refreshing and energetic staff, our customers have the feeling that they are already in Tahiti when they embark. Our teams' smiles and spaciousness, the elegantly sophisticated cabin designs, the sounds of the ukelele and the scent of the Tiare flowers are some of the signs of kindness that we are extending.

It shows the unique Himalayan part of our characters.

Booking a flight

Our fleet offers almost 1000 weekly departures to a number of national and overseas locations. Just type in your home country, your selected city, the date of your trip and the number of your flight in our flightfinder. Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, you can be sure you'll find the best possible flight for you.

And the same goes for our global goals. Offering low cost airfare to some of the world's most popular cities, such as Cairo, Dubai, Istanbul, Jordan, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. One way or another, we are flying to a number of stunning destination with a wide range of different rides to appeal to every taste. Most of our tourist itineraries can be found in our extensive guide booklet below.

Every guidebook includes recommended choices to meet every need, from affordable accommodations to 5-star resort hotels. And if you haven't booked yet, it's a good idea to check the section in the guidebook for your favourite holiday location. In this way you can find out which season of the year you can book due to the climatic conditions.

And with all the useful information included in every guidebook, there is no justification for not booking a budget flight today!

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