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Discount flights to India Jet Airways

Get all the information you need before you book Jet Airways flights to India, including check-in, in-flight service, punctuality and baggage allowance. But why Jet Airways? After IndiGo, Jet Airways is India's second biggest carrier with headquarters in Mumbai. Their very first long-haul goal was London, and flights to and from the UK were started in 2005. Since 2017, London Heathrow is still the only UK aerodrome from which Jet Airways flies.

There are flights from London to New Delhi and London to Mumbai starting from the 4th exit of Terminals 4.

Your FFP is Jet Privilege and you are a member of the Etihad Partners Network. SkyTeam has code-share arrangements with many of the world's leading carriers, and discussions are underway to add Jet Airways to the SkyTeam Network. In addition to the standard check-in facilities (web, cell phone, desktop and kiosk), Jet Airways offers several exclusive check-in facilities.

Twitter can be used to subscribe by directly posting a @jetairways email (not an answer) following this format: It is also possible to make a check-in by phone, although you still have to collect your flight pass at the check-in counter at the international airports. When you return on the same flight as when you arrived, you can simultaneously board both flights.

There are also two subway stops in Delhi, New Delhi Subway and Shivaji Stadium, as well as the Lianhuashan, Macau Maritime, Macau Taipa, Shenzhen Fuyong and Shenzhen Shekou harbours when you fly from Hong Kong. The Jet Airways tilt (the gap between your tilt and the front seat) is quite large on the airline's wide-body plane, with 32 inch in economics, 49 inch in business and 90 inch in first.

If you fly in Economy, you can choose your favourite places for a small surcharge. Fares differ according to routes, but on flights between London and India it is £40 for an additional free leg room at the front wall or front rows and 15 for a reserved French windows seating.

JetPrivilege Platinum, Premium, Gold, First Class and Première seats are available free of additional surcharge. A £6.50 debit and debit charge is levied by Jet Airways on all London ticketing. Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 passenger can watch on-demand TV, movies and JetScreen background TV on their backrest TV.

When you fly the Boeing 737, you don't have your own TV, but you can streaming from the JetScreen catalog directly to your tray or telephone. The on-board dinner comprises a number of favorites from India, Europe and Asia. Premium travelers have a 23-inch TV and can indulge in a five-course menu with old Bollinger sparkling wine.

Première level cabins have low berths, ideal for taking a nap before you come to your big corporate meet. In 2016, Jet Airways was the 7th most punctual carrier in the Asia-Pacific area, with just over 76% of flights making it to the airport on schedule. You were the most timely carrier from London to Mumbai, defeating British Airways and Air India in first place.

More than eight out of ten flights took off within 15 min of the planned flight start date and the mean flight delays were tenminute. Sadly, this service is not replicated on flights from London to Delhi. The least reliable carrier on the flight is Jet Airways. Only 53% of flights took off in 2016 within 15 min of the planned flight start date, with an expected mean flight latency of just over 25 min.

The free luggage depends on where you fly, the category you fly in and your ticketing style. Supplements usually begin at two 23 kg units for flights from London. Review your reservation information for more information.

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