Most Expensive Private Jets 2016

The most expensive private jets 2016

Rich & Richer, May 4th, 2016. Top 10 private jets of 2016 Dedicated to the

Whilst we try to make sure we get good offers by booking air far in advance, there are those richie-rich people who get on and off their private jets very conveniently. Now, to give you an idea of what it looks like and what functions it has, here is a listing of the 10 most expensive private jets of 2016.

The Airbus A380 is the property of Al-Waleed bin Talal, Crown Prince Al-Waleed of Saudia, and is valued at 500 million dollars. The Airbus A340-300, also known as Bourkhan, costs between 350 and 500 million dollars and belongs to the Russia millionaire Alisher Usmanov. It'?s even larger than the President of Russia's. That private plane, valued at 220 million dollars, is once again the property of Al-Waleed bin Talal, Crown Prince Saud.

The Boeing, known as Dreamliner, is 153 million dollars expensive and belongs to Hong Kong property magnate and millionaire Joseph Lau. The Gulfstream III is expensive, luxury and fitted with high-end technology, and these properties make it worth 125 million dollars. It belongs to an U.S. fame who is a stage manager, performer, songwriter, writer, executive writer and all in all an all-rounder - Tyler Perry.

It added functions such as a theater with 42 inches HD widescreen display and other devices that can be enjoyed and amused during the flight. The Boeing 767, also known as Gangit, which costs between 120 and 170 million dollars, belongs to another Russia businessman, Roman Abramovich, who also owns the Chelsea soccer team.

In addition to the generous interior, this aircraft is also fitted with a rocket defence system to protect its owners in the best possible way. Originally, the cost of this luxury plane was $100 million, but it was increased to $233 million when it was tailor-made for its world' s wealthiest proprietor, the Sultan of Brunei.

One of the Boeing 757's key characteristics, with a price of $100 million, is its 100 million dollar efficient engine, ideal for its proprietor Donald Trump, who flies his private plane across the world. According to his needs, his plane is equipped with high-tech equipment. The Boeing Business Jet 2 is in the possession of India's wealthiest business man Mukesh Ambani and costs 73 million dollars.

In addition to the luxurious bedrooms, it also has a meeting room to meet your needs on the go. The initial costs for the Boeing 737 were $57 million, but the owners, an U.S. merchant, made changes to the inside and upgraded the overall furnishings, such as a master bedroom with a king-size berth, a fully functioning open -plan dining room, a high-definition television system, etc. The owners were also able to provide a full range of services.

in order to make it as convenient as life in a mansion on shore, and so its costs were increased to 80 million dollars. Although we all may not own any of these lush and luxury jets, I trust you have loved looking at these amazing jets with artwork on the outside, exciting interior spaces and well-equipped functions.

Travelling on them is no different from a life on shore like a kings.

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