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Purchase of a private jet Buying a private jet is a complicated operation, a love of detail, a deep appreciation of what the jet is used for, and the capacity to find a jet for purchase that satisfies all the buyer's requirements. Accompanying you through the whole journey, we use our extensive networking to not only help you purchase a jet that fits your unique travelling needs, but also help safeguard you during the purchase as well.

If you are making such a significant return on your investments, you need professionals who will give their best and stand by your side.

Do you need to buy or rent a private jet?

Do you need to buy or rent a private jet? But even with the price of private planes falling, you could be among the US companies that are reassessing the cost of travelling and knowing whether it is wiser to buy or rent a private jet. They would have to spend more than 400 hrs a year or eight hrs a week to make it saleable compared to private jet charter.

A recent South China Morning Post article reports that many elites in businesses are releasing the private planes they own or their plan to buy one in favour of stopping private planes. In order to be able to own a private corporate jet valued at the fix cost of renting a private jet for each journey, you would have to be a very busy flier - at least one full aerial flight every fortnight.

Let's make the calculation and begin with the purchase of one of the most beloved executives jet, the PC12 Turboprop-Pilatus: a single-engine turboprop: Just like a used vehicle, private aircraft also lose value over the years. Since the private jet sector is still subject to cycles, however, depreciation ratios may vary. A few newer planes can keep their value for a few years, but then fall off abruptly.

What does it take to charter a private jet? To answer the questions of how much it takes to charter a private jet, there are always many things to consider: the goal, the plane, the timetable and how far in advanced you charter. Here's a guideline on what it takes per lesson, because when you charter a private jet, you really only spend your flying hours.

As well as the expense of hiring a private jet, your staff will also relieve any headache associated with the maintenance of airplanes, which is valuable. Perhaps your business would also like to consider a jet ticket for the price fixing of private jetliners. Please see our page How much does a private jet charter costs?

At Stratos, we have more than 3,500 pre-built small, mid-size and large private jet aircraft available around the world. For private or group jet charters, please call Stratos Jet Charters at (888) 593-9066. Jet charters are available around the clock to offer you several private jet offers for your on-demand outing.

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