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Book your trip to Sri Lanka, Asia has never been easier than when you use our mobile app to plan your dream holiday. According to SriLankan Airlines, its flight crew found a battery and two mobile phones in a smoke bag in a luggage compartment. Alternatively, you could download the SriLankan Mobile App for easier access. Design and develop websites & mobile apps.

on the Sri Lankan voyage probably due to lithium-ion batteries

It is not often that you are on a plane and a baggage compartment begins to emit fumes. However, this took place on a SriLankan Airlines Sunday from Kochi, India, to Colombo, Sir Lanka. According to a news bulletin, the crews had just finished the food delivery services when the fumes began to float through the tail of the Airbus A330-200.

Fire extinguisher was packed, the tank opened and the team found a tucked away pouch that emitted the fumes. Team took the purse and took it to the back kitchen when they started smoking more. And then they dropped the pouch in a tank of clean drinking soda, according to the airlines.

They found a rechargeable battery and two mobile telephones in their pockets. The SriLankan Airlines did not reply to an enquiry about what kind of batteries and telephones might have been used. It is another early recollection that despite technological progress, electronic devices are still flammable. Airlines, among them Sri Lanka, have prohibited the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after suffering repetitive blows on the premises.

Since mobile phones have become omnipresent, there is always the danger that a fire - usually attributed to the batteries - will start during a journey, just like anywhere else. During the Sri Lankan event, the carrier said the aircraft had arrived safe and "dangerous goods experts" welcomed the aircraft on its return.

New SriLankan Airlines website launched with new functions

Further improvements will be made to become a fully multilingual website offering all major favourite localities. In the next few days all voice settings will be operational. Special homepages are available to our customers in all SriLankan Airlines operating markets as well as in Australia, USA and Canada.

Visitors to the site can interact quickly with the site and optimize delivery of contents from different geographical sites. Designed to adapt to any phase - desktop, notebook, tabs or smartphone - the site allows clients to seamlessly handle different facets of their flight. Alternatively, you could simply downlaod the SriLankan Mobile App for easy use.

Built to the highest possible interoperability worldwide benchmarks, the new site is linked across all main collaborative content delivery channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube and Instagram - so the carrier continuously interact with its travelers for a more personalised personal touch. An essential characteristic of the new website is the simplicity with which clients can buy tickets on-line and administer their reservations through the simple interface, checking in, pre-ordering food, requesting childcare or extra support, making calls from the customs-free collections, etc.

This new website is conceived in such a way that she learns from her commitment to each individual and makes intelligent proposals for her journey. Launched on the Web, the site's groundbreaking new "Book Now Pay Later" feature provides on-line offerings for those who do not have a major debit and pay via four of Sri Lanka's top banking institutions - Sampath and Commercial Banking, HNB and Ceylon Banking - or at over 2,700 branch offices and cash dispensers across the country.

Over the next few months, this service, which will take the carrier beyond the Sri Lankan towns and extend its range to the entire Sri Lankan archipelago, will be ready for operation. New group booking functionality provides added comfort by assisting clients to finalize the checkout transaction with affiliate bankers and store their card credits limit for real travel use.

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