Room Scent Sticks

Fragrance sticks

Thom Dixon'Water charcoal diffuser. Turn the ends in the fragrance solution about once a week. Embroidered fragrances diffusers, 4-ounce flasks, Holiday Variety Pack of 3 : Liquid air fresheners : Beauty

Also ordered this as a Gold Box Spécial because all the reviewers said that this stamp had an eye-catching but not overwhelming fragrance. This cap doesn't sit firmly on the cylinder, as the manual says, but that doesn't really worry me - if it falls over, there will be leakage of fluid, regardless of whether this part is tight or not.

So far the only thing I've opened is the one with the scent of jaws and I have to say I like it. I' ve got it in a pretty big room and it's definitely perceptible when you're within 20 ft of it or so, but it doesn't overcome the room. Using an man-made Christmas blossom and this scent really does help to get this beautiful scent into the home.

I will give the other two as a gift, but I am planning to get other fragrances from this stamp for other seasons of the year. It' s more difficult to open the pipe than it should be, although with a little bit of patient I could pull off the end of the pipe.

Then the sticks were trapped between the side of the pipe and the tank, I suppose I'll keep the tank still. The sticks were very difficult to grasp to extract and I was scared that they would crack.

Relaxing blend of woody lavender, sage, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils.

The LOVSPA® Fragrances Lava Flowers Gum is calming and transcendental, with flowery hints and a balmy, woodsy note. It is a tailor-made mixture of ethereal oil from gum and vanilla - developed to revitalise and freshen your sense and help you relax after a long relaxing toil. Adorned with genuine gumsticks - all in a beautiful diffusor kit that can fill a room with a carefree scent.

LOVSPA® fragrance Collection of Reed Diffusers transforms your home into a scented space-retroreat. Our perfumes are mixed professionally with the knowledge of aroma therapy to calm, elevate or re-establish. Breathtakingly stylish, pleasant to the eyes and with delicious smells to chose from, there is no question that our designs are a great complement to any home.

At LOVSPA® Fragrances, we recognize that home fragrances are a very individual option, with an immense force to enrich the home, and we thank you for your continued commitment to our small company. Take a look at our window front for more of our groundbreaking home fragrances and spas!

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