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A North Air Taxi, Fort Frances, Ontario. Rent an air taxi and charter your own jet. It' a means to achieve maximum effectiveness and a way to maximise one of the most scarce resources: your precious little bit of work! Roundtrip on the same date in your own personal aircraft, a roadshow with more targets in one and the same flight, more travelers, last minutes changing the target.

Our experts are experts in every detail and can offer you the best possible solutions for every travelling need. Individual accountability also means that your airline monitors every detail of the journey and ensures that everything is done to deliver on our promise - contentment is paramount.

With the same high standard of education as the large airlines' drivers, our drivers can lean back, unwind and experience seamless turnaround and operational efficiencies around the globe.

Mike's air taxi

Did anyone hear that the notorious Mike?s Air Taxi is driving under a new name this year? AKA Mike Mikes Air Taxi is also a 70 North attention pay attention to the smokes and the mirror, it's still the same attire. He' s also got a Alaska Air taxi man fly him out of Happy Valley and Deadhorse.

Air Taxi Alaska was operated without permission to go north, so be wary of whom you are chartering to get on the runway. This year Mike M. and Bob Gill have joined forces to grow the company, and Mike's Air Taxi became 70° North, while Bob is piloting a Helio this year.

Alaska Air Taxi driver Bob is a great driver and a very sincere, quiet man. Last year when I was up there, he had no trouble letting me know where he had seen Karibu. I understand he knows the furnishing and hunt as well as anyone.

Thank you for the site review on 70 North. Out of the accounts of Nordic colleagues, it seems that Mike has a few drivers who do not agree with his styling or personalities, and his customers are about 60/40 on his level of aftersales. I' ve learnt good things from some serious aviators about Bob Gill, but Alaska Air Taxi not so much (mainly landmanagers and them working without permission).

Hopefully together they will do a better task in serving customers than Mike's Air Taxi alone in recent years. What the customers have told me are: putting pressure on crowded hallways, chasing volumes vs. experiential value and transport / meats at its Happy Valley basis.

Naturally, costs are a frequent grievance in the north. Because I know that you made good flights for a pair I know and love, so your words are serious with me. I' m going sheephunting with Mike this year. It seems to be like a standing skipjack and is very well informed about the Brooks and Alaska in general.

Larry, do you have a hyperlink to the Nordic pepper feed? Also you are sure that the crowd of hallways was microphone and not howard from arrows tip outfitters (AKA Rasendart). Last year I had a mate who was chasing Karibu himself when Turf Arrow was invited to take his Bou back to Happy Valley for free and then put a pair on his stripe (which theoretically was Andy' s because he first got there and had a customer on the stripe) because he knew he had both his Bou.

There' s Andy, Kirk, Mike and/or Bob and Wayard, in fact, that the bow tie comes from Happy Valley and sometimes Husky Dan. Everyone except for Howard are great flyers and great people (Howard could be a great person). I' m going to go back to some of my buddies this year and have to say that I would go with everyone except for Howard!

Mike has also had an welcoming campfire lounge that has some real alaska legend. was the only one up there with a 41 5/8 inches Dahl lamb. It' really upsetting because I like it up there, but unlike many of the customers who are paying a lump sum and expecting to be taken to a Virgin Land, I am paying my monthly fee with insurances, gases, maintenance, and almost a Divorce because my woman doesn't get my passion for flies and hunts.

Every year I get phone conversations from people who have been here or there with certain drivers, and often they talk about problems from the fields and about other drivers or groups they have met. It' nice to know that fighters fight for pilot when they get a bad head. I understand Mike's been scrubbing out of Happy Valley since 2007/08.

That' s not so long by and large, but there are new riders who are getting permissions to serve the same areas as Mike, et al. This is not as big a place as some seem to think, so the crowding will not shift unless riders begin to be more pro-active in finding other places to touch and the volumes they serve each year.

I know Mike myself, consider him a mate. Hopefully you'll have a shot at talking to Mike or hitting him all the way. One interesting thing that occurred during a pause outside the BOG briefing room, which I think says everything you need to know about Mike's way of working, was that the BOG was not a good place to be.

Him and me were talking when another fighter collapsed, had something to do with a failed plane ride or something to do last autumn, don't remember the specifics of why the fighter was missing his plane or didn't get there on the right day...but he wanted to speak to Mike about this case and Mike said to him, hey man, just make it up and I'll take you out, you're good to go with me at no cost.

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