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At Providenciales International Airport (PLS), in the larger hotels or resorts or in the central Grace Bay Area. Provisional Taxis | Visit Turks and Caicos Islands Grace Bay cab. Usually a cab is a bigger car. There are plenty of cabs in Provisionales, and you won't have a trouble locating a cab at Provisionales International Airport (PLS), in major hotel or resort locations, or in the Grace Bay area. You can also easily pick up your cab at almost any place on Provisionidenciales by telephone or e-mail.

Because of the small scale of the islands, transits and waiting periods are seldom longer than 20 min, and most cab operators are able to react in about 10 mins. Almost all cabs in the Turks and Caicos are bigger transporters, like the Ford E-series or Chevrolet Express transporters. Turks and Caicos generally do not have smaller cabs or automobiles that are found elsewhere in the canal.

Providenciales have some cabs that significantly surpass the 40 MPH (65 KPH) velocity limitation. When your cab rides ruthlessly, please ask the cab owner to stay within the maximum permitted speeds. A somewhat uncommon feature of cabs in the Turks and Caicos and some other caribbean countries is that shared use of cabs is a current practise.

The majority of cab use on Providenciales is to bring passengers to and from the airports, and there are often more than one group wishing to make the same journey at the same outing. Turks and Caicos do not use the kind of cab pedal system used in major US towns, but the Turkish commercial license system controls the overall number of cabs.

Turks and Caicos road traffic regulations prescribe a tariff system for taxes with legal tariffs for certain stretches and distance. Taximeters are not used in Turks and Caicos. It is recommended that travellers reconfirm the overall travel cost, inclusive of all travellers and baggage, with their cab before departure. However, some cabs charge a per person charge, and tourist are amazed when the sum is many times higher.

To a large extent, the offical tariff is largely dependent on the arrival and departure to and from certain places on Provinciales, especially between the International Airport Provinciales and the hotels and resorts on the Isle. A few remote places on Provisionidenciales may have slightly higher rates, as the cab fare for the way back will be very low.

These include Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay sandy shores, the Chalk Sound area and the secluded Northwest Point, Malcolm's Road Coast as well as Amanyara Providenciales resorts. Taxi cabs are a very comfortable way of getting around, but they are costly. A cheap rented vehicle will be by far the cheapest way of transportation, with overall prices per day beginning at around 40 US dollars.

Below you will find a simple tariff plan. Extra travelers are charged half price. When you want to see the places of interest and sound of the Turks and Caicos, a cab ride can be a good one. The majority of our riders are kind and very competent about everything to do with Turks and Caicos, and are the ideal guides for tours of islands to the best shores, nature reserves and tourist destinations hard to find.

You can also have your cab fare take you to a great Inselrestaurant for your luncheon for an authentically dining and dining experience. Your cab fare will be great. When you are looking for the convenience of personal transportation, many cab operators operate a luxurious SUV fleets for your personal use. Providenciales Airport's Fast Track services, which provide accelerated services through custom and migration, are often offered as a complement to luxurious transfers.

In combination, these can significantly shorten waiting periods on arrival in the Turks and Caicos states. It is recommended that you keep the number of a nearby taxidriver in case it is needed during your journey. There are no objections for the below mentioned cabs. But we have got grievances from other cabs that have levied extravagant tariffs that have necessitated policing.

We are very concerned about this, as cabs are usually the first and last way travellers have direct access to the island's inhabitants, and it can have serious detrimental effects on their perceptions of our state. Offering outstanding, secure, reliable and punctual taxidriving service. Sonny's Taxicab was founded over twenty years ago in Provinciales and runs a van and SUV transport company.

In addition to basic taxis, we also offer excursions to the islands, group transfer and luggage collection. For more than two dozen years Majestic Taxis has been providing professional service to tourist and local people. We provide taxis, groups, islands cruises and luxurious transportation. The unique taxiservice consists of a man and woman crew.

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