I want to buy a Private Jet

I'd like to buy a private jet.

The first thing you have to decide is how you want to travel and what is important to you. I know you want one. Anywhere you want, because the distance between these two locations helps you to define the size of the aircraft you need.

The televangelist Jesse Duplantis told Herde that he needed $54 million jet.

Duplantis, a television evangelist with audiences around the world, says God said he needs a new jet. In particular, God Duplantis said he needed a Dassault Falcon 7X, a three-engine private jet that could carry 12 to 16 passenger aircraft at up to 700mph. Falcon 7X, the 4th aircraft in the ownership of Jesse Duplantis Ministries, has a cruising distance of nearly 6,000 mile and, according to SherpaReport, will cost about $54 million new (although used aircraft are quoted for only $20 million online).

"Well, some folks believe that ministers shouldn't have jets," said Replantis in a tape released last weekend. "In fact, DUPLANTLIS said that "if Jesus were on earth today corporeally, he would not be on an ass. DUPLANTLIS said God said to him that he needed the airplane "in one of the greatest testimonies the Lord has ever given me.

'" "And he said, "Jesse, will you come up where I am? "to Duplantis." "He said, "I want you to believe in me for a Falcon 7-X." Then Duplantis said he remembered something God said to him in 1978. "Jesse, I didn't ask you to foot the bill, I asked you to believe.

Ecclesiastes said he was interested in full disclosure. "It is my wish that all men know exactly what I am doing in this service," said Mr Duplants. "that he would not own the aircraft himself. Rather, the aircraft would be in the possession of the Department and would be used by the next individual after their deaths to take it over.

He said, "God told DUPLANTLIS to teach the gospel to every being. "All it' gonna do is move people," said Mr. Duplandis about the airplane. "It' gonna get to men. Well, I don't want to know how to pilot it. I don't care. I am interested in proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

" With the caption, he showed a photograph of the three aircraft currently in the possession of his ministry: "It's not about ownership, it's about priority. "He also said that he was pleased that the US is relocating its Israel message to Jerusalem. "In 2015, DUPLANTLANTIS was featured in a videotape with televisionangelist Kenneth Copeland, where they were defending their need for private jet airliners.

Kopeland declared that because they are renowned, they would have folks who would come to them and ask for prayer. "And it affects your heart," said Mr. Duplantis. Aye.

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