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Telephone numbers of the taxi cabin

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The DOT Transit - Taxi users

Maryland Public Services Commission, which governs the taxi industy in Maryland, has authorised Montgomery County to operate the Maryland Taxi Services.... At MCDOT, we provide this supervision to make sure that businesses and operators comply with the highest levels of security, workmanship and support. Passenger Information - Each taxi has an information posters behind the driver's seats.

Posters show the name and telephone number of the taxi firm as well as the taxi's number. Obligations - Be ready to go to the taxi immediately after your arrive or just waiting for the taxi at the kerb. Please make sure to make a reservation if the taxi is not needed.

Cab Operators - The taxi operators approved to work in Montgomery County are: Montgomery County charges all taxis the same fare. All taxis in Montgomery County accept major international bank transfer credits in excess of your bankroll. If you would like to send a compliment on a taxi ride, please call the Montgomery County Call Center on-line; call 311 from outside the county, 240-777-0311 from outside the county, or TTY (240) 773-3556; e-mail the Taxi Cab Office; or send us a message at the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, Taxi Cab Office, 101 Monroe Street, Fifth Floor, Rockville, MD 20850.

Call the taxi firm. Write down the taxi cab number and directly call the taxi cab operator to register a services area. Get in touch with Montgomery County. In case the taxi operator has not solved a problem to your complete satisfactoriness, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via one of the following methods: Call the Montgomery County Call Center on-line; call 311 from within the county, 240-777-0311 from outside the county, or TTY (240) 251-4850.

Letter to Montgomery County Department of Transportation, Taxicab Office, 101 Monroe Street, Fifth Stock, Rockville, MD 20850. Accessable taxis are adapted for use by disabled persons. Taxi service for wheelchairs - application for available taxis in advanced. MONGOMERY COUNTY grants licences for wheeled vehicle access that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

No surcharge will be levied for a barrier-free taxi. The MetroAccess - MetroAccess is a transit system for those whose disabilities prevent them from using buses or trains. For more information, visit Metro Access on-line or call Metro Access at 301-562-5360. Passenger Services for Visually Impaired Passengers - An information pack behind the driver's seat is large print with a Braille tag on the top right part.

Passenger Disability Information System - Passengers can give their drivers written information about their destinations. You know, there are other auto related companies like limos, delivery trucks, limos and buses that run in Maryland and are controlled by the Maryland Public Sector Commission and not Montgomery County.

Rental carriers offer travel between Montgomery County and other Maryland destinations or are governed by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission for travel to or from Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. or Prince George's County. provides the County Executive and County Council with guidance on the regulatory treatment of taxicabs and other matters related to the taxi services in the region.

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