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Wi-Fi cabin

Farewell boring taxi rides and welcome free WLAN! Wifi for free in London Taxis! Listen to music, watch videos and stay in touch with our free Wifi system even when you're in bad network areas.

Bring WiFi into your cabin - the new AyrMesh cabin lift

There is a great deal of monitoring information gathered from screens in the tractor, sprayer and combine cabins, and it can be vital to your business that the information can be moved to a specific location. Now we introduce a way to link your tractor, sprayer, combine and truck to your AyrMesh network: the AyrMesh Cab Hub.

AyrMesh Cab Hub is a three-way combination: our reliable patent-pending AyrMesh Hub2n, a cord that allows the hub to operate with a standard 12-volt car light connector, and an externally attached magnet aerial to keep the hub's aerial outdoors and above. Once everything is in place, the AyrMesh Hub2n moves inside the cabin of your car, safe from shocks and vibrations, but installed where you can see the "beacons" when needed.

This hub will connect to the other hubs on your AyrMesh and provide WiFi connection in your cabin. Some of the most invaluable information on the farm and some of the most difficult information to get to where it can be leveraged is the information stored on the screens of your machines: seed, crop and application information.

Finding this information was tedious (moving Compact Flash cards) or costly and insecure (using mobile connections), so we're trying to make it simpler with the AyrMesh Cab Hub. Using the AyrMesh Cab Hub you have a powerful WiFi input in your cabin when you are within reach of one of your other AyrMesh Hubs - up to 2.5 mile away.

You can also easily transmit information from your WiFi-equipped cabin displays, such as an AgLeader display with your AgFinity adaptor, over your AyrMesh intranet. And if your devices don't currently have Wi-Fi, speak to your reseller - they're constantly introducing new ones. When your display is supporting WiFi transmission, you can use your AyrMesh to transmit from your display without having to depend on costly and untrustworthy wireless connections.

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