Sri Lankan Airways Seat Reservation

Lankan Airways Sri Lankan Seat Reservation

Trick is to select your seats on the Sri Lankan Airlines website. The latest seat plans of SriLankan Airlines. Use our detailed seating plans to find the best seats for each aircraft model. Click here to check seat availability for your flight.

Via on-line reservation

It is also possible to select a free seat at check-in up to 48hrs before your departure. Select between one of our Extra Value seating or a normal seat in the seat selection: Our Economy Class Seat is the most comfortable Economy Seat available. A seat nearer to the front of the aircraft that allows you to leave the aircraft quickly.

A seat in a series of two. Our Boeing 777s have these front and rear seat. Our double seat A380 is located on the top decks and usually nearer to the toilets. A seat in the starting line so you can get additional leg room.

On some planes, these berths may also be nearer to the toilets or the caboose. Additional legroom seating is available up to six hour prior to take-off. Top Decks The top decks of A380s. Plus, you' ll get more cab and stowage on the top decks of our A380.

Below decks The lower plane of an A380 plane.

Message Board Sri Lanka

Hello, not known by any mechanisms for those who make web-boking. Once you have purchased the tickets, go to "Manage my booking", section on the website of the Sri Lankan airline, and there you can select your seat and book your meal from there. In this way, you have the space you want assured.

However, in order to complete the check-in process on-line, you must await 24 hrs before your flight depart. Has never had any trouble with Sri lankan Airlines. Unfortunately Sri Lanka has modified its on-line system and the choice of seat is no longer possible. I' ve been informed by your help line that it will only be possible 48 hrs before takeoff.

AusieTraveller: When did this occur? because less than two week ago I successfully voted for my place by placing my name on the website of my company via internet. Employees may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any submission for any reason. However, we will not delete any postings. It is not possible to make changes to reservations on-line.

All you can do is "manage" them, i.e. switch your seat. Try it 2 time period position for my land journey, which was point for close time period: Seat ticket not yet available'. It is therefore a typically Lankan setting in which one should not work - but in general - not strike, strike and miss for those who like to try further. Your reservation category is entitled to present your seat only between 96 and 48 hrs before your scheduled date of travel.

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