Taxi Journey Price

Price of the taxi ride

As a result of significant price increases, we can no longer offer all functions. Every special tariff trip requires the operation of the taximeter by law. Every special tariff trip requires the operation of the taximeter by law.

â Taxi rate Rome; shuttle to the airports at a flat rate

Maximum tariff for taxi services is a unique, gradual tariff for taximeters applicable throughout the territory of the commune, which rises with the number of kilometers driven and the duration of each one. In addition, travel to/from an airport is subject to the fixing of firm tariffs. Taxi-licensees are obligated to provide confirmation of payments.

PROGRESSIVER PRICE (cost of each meter tic ⬠0,10) Decision of the City Council of Rome n.151 of 23.5.2012. Taxi meter changes from T1 to P2 when the original price on the meter has increased by a further 11.00 â¬, from that moment on the price on the meter is used up to a further 13.00 â¬; from then on the third price, T3, is used up to the end of the trip.

Please note that these prices apply within the town. a 10% rebate on the amount indicated on the meter applies in the following cases: RESOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL OF ROME NO 161 OF 30.05.2012. Prices are quoted exclusive of all ancillary costs. Please note that these prices do not apply to bookings.

This flat rate applies if the client travels to the car park by taxi.

Here is what it will mean:

It is the most significant recent amendment, with the rates suggested rising in nine different ways across four rates - some of the changes being the first in almost nine years. How does this affect travel costs? Last time the rates were modified? Â The review also said that while the rate one setting interval was last modified in February last year, the rates three and four were last modified in December 2009.

Mileage" on all four fares was last modified in December 2012, as was the starting setting interval for fare two. Inhabitants of Bobsmacked are waking up to find that their street name has "changed" either the hackney coach or even personal rental equipment.

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