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The Fivestar Gourmet operates a fully-equipped executive kitchen offering a variety of menus for every aircraft size. Bathroom kitchens: Options for private jet cabin interiors Luxury private aircraft interior spaces are always a fascinating resource for many. Often the term "private jet" evokes thoughts of a flight accommodation in the skies, among them main bedroom, large bathroom and full bar with kitchen. This kind of ultra-luxurious cabin is, however, at the highest level when it comes to the cabin equipment of private jets - not many private aircraft look like this.

Whereas executive jets such as the Boeing Commercial Jet (a 747 converted) or an Airbus ACJ have ample room for a tailor-made cab, the vast majority of private aircraft available for charters look more like a beautiful layout in commercial classes. However, the private jet manufacturer pays great heed to the interiors of all private jet sizes: from the things you immediately see, such as seats, sofas and flooring material, to the more sophisticated features that contribute greatly to passengers' well-being, such as lights, pressure, temperature control and communication technologies.

Valves and devices may differ according to sizes and jetty. Please call our 24-hour flying team at (866) 726-1222 for further information and comparison of interior spaces. Most private planes don't have a king-size berth on board, but they offer you much more room and space to rest than a plane.

The smaller planes offer a cab with reclining seating for when you need to go to bed during a quick trip, reclining heads and arms, and ample room to fully lengthen your leg. Mid-range jumpers have broad seating that tilts, glides and converts into a shallow stance for a pleasant night's rest.

Long-haul aircraft provide enough room to turn side seats into a very comfy double berth in the cab. A number of custom long haul aircraft are able to provide a seperate double room with a single berth. See Which private jet has flatbeds for more details on how to lie down and sleep?

The majority of private jet planes are fitted with at least one lavatory, but the bathrooms differ depending on the airplane used. A lot of small jetliners and small aeroplanes have a lavatory, although they are most often used for journeys of less than 2 hrs - so this is not always a passenger first.

Citation Mustang, the most cost-effective VLJ (Very Light Jet), has an escape lavatory that is closed from the cab. Some with a slightly bigger cubicle like the Phenom 100 have a small WC with washbasin. Middle size jet aircraft will have a more roomy and well-equipped lavatory with lavatory and sink.

Citation XLS+ also has a changing area so that long distance travellers can refresh themselves before they land. Large medium-sized jet aircraft such as the Hawker 800 provide a wider wash basin area with seats and stowage space. Showering on a long plane is something that many travelers are enjoying.

Previously, this was only possible on VIP conversion aircraft such as the Lineage 1000, but producers are now discovering ways to incorporate a douche into the latest versions of their ultra-long-haul aircraft, which can carry up to 12 hour passenger flights. Bombardier's 6000 has a standing spray, and the upcoming 7000 and 8000 will have the same.

In its Falcon 7X, Diesessault has also integrated a standing spray with overhead spray and screen that turns into something opak at the push of a switch. Premier caterer is available for all sizes of aircrafts and is contained in the chartershare. Top seven things to eat in a private jet.

For small and medium-sized aircrafts and short trips, a large number of different types of snacks, sliced meats and fruits are usually carried on board. Large planes have kitchen equipment on board, such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves and other equipment that allow the crews to cook warm meals. Large planes usually have one or two members of the flight deck staff to cook and service meals and beverages for each passenger.

Aircraft VIPs can have large dinning desks where guests can dine formally or eat on board for work. The private jet caterers are of a very high quality and can cope with all kinds of food problems and food sickness. A number of customers prefer to celebrate on board, so birthdays and other occasions can be prearranged for your flights.

In addition, we have a wide selection of cabin furnishing possibilities for airplanes of all heights. When you wish to travel in a jet for which a certain kind of bath or berth is available, we can arrange this facility and arrange various configuration choices. We can show you pictures of certain planes and give you advice about the best plane for your trip.

Do you have any question about the interior design of private jets? Please do not hesitate to call us or our 24/7 flight team at (866) 726-1222.

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