Helicopter Day

heli day

Inform yourself about the open days in your area. Latest tweets from World Helicopter Day (@WorldChopperDay). Annmarie Yannaco's World Helicopter Day.

Enjoy the vertical flight!

Every day all over the globe humans rely on choppers for rescue operations, emergency aid, transportation, fire brigade, medicinal transfer, power line repair, tourist, agriculture and many other tasks. Globally there are an estimate of 56,200 choppers and the sector has more than 500,000 employees. Hubschrauberorganisationen and enterprises can sponsor this internation day by organizing their own open house events.

It is an opportunity for the general audience to see the choppers up closer and at the same time meet the humans who use them. Organizers of Open Day can access a variety of publicity materials from the website, among them news bulletins for community members, web tables, leaflets and on-line posters.

Johannesburg, South Africa - Henley Air

6 Rand Airport, Germiston, Johannesburg. Henley Air Bell 222Ut Aerial Display will be part of the annual Rand Airport air show (www.randairshow.co.za). Rand Airport is the biggest and most stunning privately run air show in South Africa. Headquartered at Rand Airport, Henley Air is a specialized helicopter familiy business known for its stunning fixed and airborne helicopter presentations on the flight demonstration area.

On this day we would be happy to discuss the helicopter and discuss any question you may have about its capability or what it has to do with flight or service career in the helicopter world.

Hubschraubertag - Strategic Aviation and Aviation Museum

The Helicopter Day is an inside and outside function at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum that celebrates the career in aeronautics and the story of helidecks. Viewers will be amazed to see how army, criminal, commercial as well as residential aircraft are flying over the sky and landing in front of them.

After the landing of all choppers, the audience can get to know their career with helicopter pilot and get an overview of each of them. Johnson Helicopter Services and Galaxy Enterprises offer helicopter tours based on the first-come-first-serve principle. Excursions will take place at the site from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and include a drones flying and security class, free films at the theatre, free helicopter ballon sculptures, and a make-and-take film.

A helicopter lands from 10:00 to 11:00. The helicopter trips provided by Johnson Helicopter Services and Galaxy Enterprises begin at 11:00 a.m. and last until 4:00 p.m. The cost per passenger is $60 plus taxes for an approximate eight-minute trip. Enrolment for trips begins at 9 a.m. outdoors.

One of the celebrations in the hall is: Complimentary hot air helicopter from Ballonk√ľnstler. Theatrical performances are free and involve Crazy Engineering: Helicopter Mars - presents the challenge of helicopter movement on Mars, The future Goes Vertical - presented by NASA about the evolution of rotary-wing aircraft. Entrance is fordoors - $12 adults; $6 teens 12-4.

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