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This is the fastest way to discover the Sunshine State! Individual fast jet adventure flight. So why not tailor a fast jet flight to your specific needs?

Discount airfares to Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe and back.

Our team works to make the most of your experience during the flight. Here is what you can look forward to when you are on our planes. When you travel with a pushchair or baby carriage, you can take it to the departure point. Then our flight attendants will ask you to lower it before it is stowed in the aircraft's cargo area.

Passengers must tag it at check-in and pick it up before embarking in order to be placed securely in the cargo area. The article can be picked up at the luggage conveyor on arriving at the final point. No article may be allowed to weigh more than 32 kg for security purposes.

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Experience 15 min. of general flight and light aerobatics maneuvers, including a $150 worth set of videos. Get the full Top Gun experience with exciting aerobatics for 25mins. With 30 min. flight, this will be the quickest flight of your lifetime, with all the maneuvers and sequencing you can do.

The experience will include 10 min general flight and soft aerobatics maneuvers. So why not customize a fast jet flight to meet your needs?

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Spacious carry-on bag ( 2 pieces) - surprising for a low cost carrier. They are changing their policies two and a half day before take-off and are now open to anyone who has a flight pass to book 1 full bag free of charge and receive refreshments for everyone on the plane. Since I had overseas flights in Dar and the duration of the transfers was 7 hrs, I finally agreed to the risks of a lag as a small lag would still work.

The flight started 10 minutes ahead of schedule and arrived 30 minutes ahead of ETA. DAR-HRE (via LUN), July 23 VFA-HRE, August 1 HRE-DAR (via LUN), August 2 After I flew 3 x and a whole of 5 flight within one weeks with Fastjet, I would like to distinguish myself from the frustrating ratings here.

These are probably justifiable, but I would like to believe that they are abnormal occurrences in the very good way in which Fastjet works on a regular basis. On my flight everything went perfect, we got to every goal about half an hours earlier, the airplanes were clear, with good legroom, the crews friendly and friendly, and the flight crews very supportive - up to the refusal to bill us for our hold luggage because we had so many flight with them.

Smooth and trouble-free flight operations. Groceries and drinks have to be bought, as with all cheap businesses, so that was not astonishing. Surprisingly, most flight had many free places. The only problem was that they were charging me a high charge of over $130 per flight for changing the flight date even though the aircraft was half empty.

Mr President, I have altered the flight schedule verbatim 3 hours before take-off because of the presidential elections in Zimbabwe. In my opinion, Fastjet does not differ from other well-known low-cost airlines in Europe or, for example, from Spirit Airlines in the USA. Altogether a very good experience with Fastjet, if I ever get back to where they are flying, I will definitely use them.

The flight no longer existed (it had been taken off the flight plan that day) and I did not get any preliminary information. That flight never happened. Personnel were telling us to take a flight the next morning, which was not possible for us. Never use fast jet again, because we always have big issues.

We were to go by fastjet on 16 March just to get an e-mail a few hour before my flight saying that my flight has switched to FN 154. E-mail I received was not clear at all and did not indicate which flight was modified (no flight number or origin port was mentioned), so I thought the flight had been modified on 16 March.

So I had to take another flight from Dar es Salam to Kilimanjaro, which was three times more expensive than what I had taken with Fastjet. Arriving at the airfield, I went to the fast jet counter just to find out that this flight was on schedule and I was too late too (the flight took 35 minutes).

Then I showed them the e-mail and they said the flight modification related to the flight back. How to modify a flight without specifying the flight number or flight start date is not clear to me. I' ve had my flight back altered from 9:30 to 12:30. Of course this flight didn't fit me at all, because I was on a liveaboard and obviously couldn't make it.

So I had to make another flight, which comes back with Precision Air, because FastJet didn't provide any other flight schedules and the costs were threefold again. Because it was completely unjust what the carrier did, I was expecting a reimbursement for this trouble, and the costs for the other flight I had to change were silly.

The flight from Kilimanjaro to Dar es Saalam was punctual, the check-in was very quiet, comfortable and the personnel very kind, with very good security training. The Dar-JRO flight was also punctual, trouble-free, very kind and customer-oriented personnel. During our flight back home we approached the landing of our plane and had to walk around for a few moments.

Kilimanjaro to Dar es Salaam. Fasjet canceled my flight at dark and I didn't get any messages. As I came to the fast jet Moshi bureau to ask for the air terminal shuttles, I was informed that there was no buses and no flights. Nobody was available and I had to try to get my connecting flight myself.

So far there has been no response from almostjet. There' no refunds, no e-mail, no call. Wasn' a clue as to why they canceled the flight. It is better to reserve with any other carrier than fast jet. When you want to discard your moneybook with a fast jet. Fast-Jet canceled the flight and two nights later put me in without my permission.

Eventually receive e-mail with confirmation that the reimbursement would take 5 to 7 workdays. Fast-Jet is a horrible carrier. Usually my planes are canceled, but I had to go with them because I had no other choice. The employees were impolite and without professionality - especially one of the fast jet employees. so we' re on our way to dorm.

Naturally, the employees of almostjet did nothing. My flight from Johannesburg to Zanzibar was canceled 2 week before the flight without prior notice. Got an text message saying that my flight had been canceled and that it had been postponed to other times 5 working days after my first flight schedule.

Clearly this is totally not acceptable for a flight to a honeymoon target. There is no way to modify your date or make costly resort reservations made month in advanced. All my honeymoon length and position was built on this cheap flight and I will never again make the error of using Fastjet.

For a very high amount I had to buy new tickets with another carrier and also fly out at a date and hour that was not favoured but only the available tickets. There was no cash for additional FastJet charges. Just a reimbursement for the flight, which is very inexpensive, so useless.

Every suitable carrier must reimburse you for the additional costs that you incur as a result of a situation for which it is entirely responsible. The answer is: "We realize that due to the lateness a bad charge has arisen for you, but since lateness is a possibility that we inform you before the flight, we do not provide any indemnity or warranty refund", I did not even have a lateness, my flight was canceled.

You couldn't even reply in person, only this mass-generated e-mail. Now, I recommend all other folks to try to avoid Fast Jet outright.

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