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Statistics on private jets

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Comparing the private jet markets

Whilst there are many new commercial aerospace market opportunities, North America and Europe still account for more than 90% of all air travel in the world. In a direct comparative study of the two private jet heavies, we identified commonalities and disparities for these two flourishing economies. Have a look at the USA vs. Europe Private Jet Infographics to get the complete statistics.

For various different purposes, in the United States commercial air transport is a much more sophisticated and sophisticated private jet transport industry. Whereas both the US and Europe have similar sized private jet fleets, the US private jet sector is still 3. Fivefold greater than the European level.

Part of this may be due to the fact that US geographic and air connections are different from those in Europe and Americans have a different attitude to commercial air travel than their buddies on the other side of the Atlantic. Below are some important statistics from our survey on the major disparities between the United States and Europe commercial aircraft industry:

New York Teterboro is the most frequented private jet airfield in the entire globe, followed by Van Nuys in Los Angeles. Paris Le Bourget is the most beloved private jet European destination, followed by Geneva and the Nice Cote D'Azur - much more than the widely used US city.

In addition, interconnectivity for both areas is the key, with over tenfold as many private jet destinations as regular carriers. More than 4,000 private jet aerodromes are available in the US and 2,145 in Europe. Whereas the most common airways in the two areas are around 50 min, their prices are different.

Sailing from America's most beloved private jet LA to Las Vegas will cost 25% less in the same plane as the top Milan-Rome couple. The Citation XLS is the same plane that both areas prefer, but in the United States you can usually count on paying about 650 dollars less per less hours to use one.

Kerosene costs also vary considerably from area to area. US fuels can be $5.20 per gal of petrol, compared to $3.50 in Europe. Nozzle propellant is also subject to a four cent per galon corporate jet levy in the US aircraft industry, while there is currently no European jet propellant levy on private aircraft.

In Europe, the use of private jet services is still declining slightly, but is showing initial increases. Together, the USA and Europe account for 77% of the world total. Every plane performs similar numbers of private jet journeys on US registers, with 4.5 more private planes than in the United States, and the European fleets with 261 per plane per year are slightly higher than the US with 207.

By 2013, the countries had received four-fold as many new supplies of corporate jet airliners and turbo-prop airliners as Europe. This infographics clearly shows the difference between United States and European commercial air travel. The simplicity and rapidity of private jet price comparison for charters customers is changed by the technological changes.

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