Private Jet with Shower

jet with shower

This means a bathroom with its own walk-in shower. This means a bathroom with its own walk-in shower. Private bathroom with private bath and shower. Optional master suite with large bed and walk-in shower, huge in-flight luggage compartment and double-sided kitchen.

Personal jet equipment

The Provo Air Center, a private airport at Providenciales International Airport in the Turks and Caicos, is uncommon for its enclosed zoo. PrivateFly reported that about 5 per cent of airline customers are flying with a domestic animal, and that the number is rising in the sommer. The Gulfstream G650, the company's flag ship private jet, features a well-equipped shower room in one of the cabine configurations.

If you use the shower, you don't have to be concerned that the pool gets suddenly chilly - a nuisance at any height. It has a built-in control unit that shows how much warm tap is still available.

Bombardier's Global 7000 private jet completes its maiden voyage

The interior contains four luxurious lounge areas with a seating for up to 19 people and a quiet area for the crews. It has a max flight distance of over 8,500 mile, which means it can travel directly from London to Singapore or New York to Dubai. Bombardier Business Aircraft's Global 7000 FTV can currently be seen until October 12 at the National Business Aviation Association's industrial exhibition in Las Vegas.

Bombardier's first specimens were installed at its plant near Toronto, Canada. Get on the 111 foot GPS 7000 plane, the biggest private jet in the whole wide area. Travellers can be seated in one of the four luxurious areas of the jet - the "Club Suite", the "Conference Suite", the "Entertainment Suite" or the "Master Suite".

Here is the "Conference Suite", which can be used both for a face-to-face meet as well as for a slap-up menu on board. There is also an entertaining area with large LCD TV and soundsystem, perfect for family travelers. Featuring a comfortable-looking twin room with en-suite shower and bath, the main bedroom is similar to a chic one.

The Telegraph tells Bombardier that the Global 7000 plane will be fully booked by 2021.

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