Buy a Seat on a Private Jet

Purchase a seat on a private jet.

A number of services are working on using the Charter Broker model online. What you should consider before buying a private jet card. And Rachael O'Brien shares the *other* way surgevers privately travel.

Lala Kent says all you need to get an invitation to a private trip is to look good, have a good time and know how to deal with your alcohol. Vanderpump Rules buddy Rachael O'Brien is all these things, she said to Bravo's The Daily Dish podcast that neither she nor BFF Stassi Schroeder were ever asked to accompany anyone in his private aircraft.

Rachael, however, tells Megan Segura that she and Stassi have found another way into a private jet that is much more available to those who do not run in the same circle as Lala. Rachael and Stassi started it all when they wanted to make last-minute bookings for Las Vegas, Nevada and found atypically high fares.

"Just like a normal 150 -dollar fare was about $500 or $450," Rachael said on the podcast. "You' been with other people," said Rachael. It didn't look any different than a scheduled airliner, but it was private [in regards to travelling experiences and discounts]."

JetSuite gives travellers the opportunity to buy a seat in a jet with other fare-paying customers or rent whole aircraft of various heights. For more of Rachael's thoughts on private jet aviation, please check out the full featured Podcast above. Bravo's The Everyday Dish new stories are available Thursdays, with weekly flashbriefings available on Amazon's Alexa.

The Jet Set is Bravo's launching ramp for flamboyant, luxury and memorable travelling adventures. If so, please keep in touch with our day-to-day Facebook update like we do.

The 5 views of luxury

Quite a number of businesses are trying to demonstrate that there is a wider than just the super-rich private jet holiday industry. They believe that it has made it possible for those users who had not previously thought of using this kind of means of transport to use it. "XOJet's on-demand or shared economics drive system efficiency, and for deluxe users this means greater access to lower pricing barriers, making these goods and capabilities available to a wider range of markets," said James Henderson, XOJet's vice president o f commerce operation.

Whilst purchasing a seat in a private jet is still not inexpensive, it is certainly simpler.

New project for Ace Hotel enters the luxurious room: Surely it will be interesting to see how Ace deals with both luxurious and small hotel properties in the coming years. The Palau is testing the waters of luxurious tourism: Over the past few years, the authorities have taken steps to make sure that the land becomes an untouched haven for luxurious travellers.

Airbnb and Booking (and everyone else in the on-line tourism industry) are just beginning to fight each other. Plus more luxury hotels alongside ultra-home suites for your top guests:

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