One World round the World fare

one-way World Round the World Fahrpreis

Circumnavigation Tickets - Singles-Content Rates And our circumnavigation ticketing is versatile. As well as all the great places you can go, you can accumulate miles/points on your round-the-world trip for every qualifying air travel sector. If you choose to spend your miles/points, just go to the carrier whose programme you have attended. Maybe you've made enough to cash in another world pass!

And your circumnavigation can be even more thrilling if you decide to include one of our tariffs for each individual continental area. 11 to select allows you to explore more locations within a geographical area. Visiting South America Passport allows you to acquire an infinite number of airline tickets within this continents.

Or maybe a visit Japan, Asia or Europe Pass will take you to more places you've always wanted to see. Find out more about tariffs around the world.

Funny Oneeworld Round The World Tariffs

Recently I have seen some folks write about low cost dirty fare that start in Maputo, Mozambique. There was a little debate about the MPM Flyertalk MPM rely on for MPM rates and Ben at on-emileatatime posted about some great Emirates rates to Los Angeles. After seeing all the gossip about this new low-cost point of origin, I made it my business to try it and see what it's all about. on-eworld offers two different travel route types around the world. on-eworld Explorer ticket is calculated according to the number of kilometers you visit and World Explorer ticket is calculated according to kilometers.

Here the comparative point is the price for some of the on-eworld Round the World tariffs from Sydney: Check it out with the same rates when the journey begins in Maputo: Total crazy! Please note that these are the basic rates and do not contain tax or supplements, which differ greatly according to the routes, carriers used and also the number of tickets used by the carrier.

In general the tax rates are between AU$1400 and AU$2000, so not for snooping, but in combination with the ridiculously basic rates, which are completely controllable. For example, you could do Maputo with the 4-continent fare from Maputo by flying via Doha with Qatar Airways to London, then British Airways to Bermuda, then New York, Miami, Cancun and Honolulu with American Airlines, Sydney with Qantas and then back to Maputo with Qatar (this stop in Doha would have to be less than 24 hrs and therefore only regarded as transit).

Honestly, the above example route hardly scrapes the surfaces of what is possible with these tariffs. To give him an ultimate whipping, you could go to a 6-continent ticketing and see South America on the way to the USA and Asia on the way from there to Australia.

Qatar Airways is the only airline in the world that serves Maputo, so it has to operate from both Mozambique and Mozambique. Apart from the apparent barrier of getting to Maputo to set out on a route on the basis of these tariffs, there is a small additional barrier that must be recognised.

In the event that a tour operator, as well as an on-line tour operator, issues an one-way OTW ticketing from a different location than the one in which it is located, it must check the price levels for the real place of origin against the corresponding fare leaving from its "home town" and use the higher of the two fare levels.

That means that it is impossible for an Aussie tour operator to make these cards at the same standard as a Mozambican original, even if the route starts there. To avoid this, the natural way would be to find a Mozambique domiciled tourist office, whether on-line or otherwise, and make out the ticketing through it.

As Mozambicans, in contrast to say the United Kingdom or Hong Kong, this is not such an easy task to solve. Apparently, and I cannot guarantee that this will work, as it is pure rumor and flyertalk talk basis, the Qantas Bureau in Sydney is ready and able to make out these ticket on ex-Maputo basis!

Well, if this is the case, and it is surprising if it is, the tickets would have to be on Qantas shares, which is not a problem, apart from the fact that the tax will be a little higher than if you had made the same route on Qatar Airways' holdings. Of course, you have the possibility to simply buy a regular one-way pass or use points for the one-way route.

However, if you are under 26 years of age or a full-time trainee, there are some really great value one-way fares available from Qatar Airways, South African Airways or Etihad students' study tour operators, according to which tour operator you go to. As for one-way ticket to Africa, these can constitute stunning economies if you are entitled.

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