The Protaxi Passenger Protaxi is a mobile application that harmoniously connects driver and driver via an integrated GPS solution. ProTaxi's latest tweets (@protaxi_nigeria). View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Protaxi Passenger.

Per taxi

Users can sign up for email or take advantage of our online registration service. With a few simple steps, clients can quickly and easily reserve a trip of their choosing with different cabin types. Clients can plan a trip for a date and hour in the near term. Clients receive exact arrivals of their taxis. Clients can get rough rates by specifying their destinations.

Clients can make payments with money, tickets, wallets and more. Consumers receive important alert messages via pushed notification, text message and e-mail. Clients can quickly call for help with the integrated distress call number. Clients can see their incoming cabin on a card in near future. The customer is free to revoke travel at any moment in the event of changes.

Riders can quickly provide the necessary detail and apply for registration. The driver can label himself at any time either on-line or off-line and remains versatile. Driver will be informed about new inquiries with pick-up detail. Driver receive important information about their customers for a smooth collection and delivery. The driver can call the passenger to find out the pick-up area.

Driver tag on arrival, begin and end a journey to receive automatic invoices. The Income page allows the driver to see their complete career and income for the day. Riders get useful statistics and insight into their travel, performances and feedbacks. Riders also get the opportunity to evaluate their journeys and highlight poor customer and behaviour patterns.

Give your driving partner the opportunity to create tickets for their tickets. Customize your driving, check registration forms, define fee levels and more. See all our clients on your site and learn more about it. Adds and manages operator and dispatcher to process accounting inquiries. Follow trips made by your fleets through a map using a map display.

Special taxidisposition system administered by your authorised operator. Dispatcher can quickly generate new bookings via the user surface. Taxicab reservation applications are becoming more and more widespread on the international markets. An increasing number of people are opting for an on-line cabin reservation application like Uber in order to reach their destinations easily. Therefore, companies and businessmen are really inspiring for the design of taxibook apps.

You can also use a cab application to make your driver's job easier. When you are seriously considering developing a taxibook application like Uber, you need to take a look at the many functions that make a successfull portable application for the taxiservice. This is the most sophisticated application for taxis booked on the Android and iPhone platform.

Users can simply post the car with these applications and the drivers can reach the precise position of the users. As soon as the passenger's ride ends, the operator has the ability to evaluate your rider and give feedback. Users can see the trip histories in the near term.

This function allows us to analyze the payments to the cab drivers if there is a need in the area. Users get advertising campaigns/freeride campaigns that are invited in the shape of e-mails or text messaging. These help the operator to start/stop driving notifications and then display the document in the format of an e-mail or text messaging.

Over and Lyft is a premium taxis application that has sparked a passion among taxishippers. The creation of applications like Uber and Lyft has its own advantages. Using the proprietary Taxibooking application, we can integrate functions that are local, accepted and in use.

Taxicab apps (also about for trucking) can be adapted to your needs in a cost-effective way. Uber and Lyft clones come with a MySQL back end that is PHP enabled and forms a dynamically growing basis for your taxis. These two unshakeable apps are the main reasons why you have your own taxibook app:

Uberclone App will have the following feature set.

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