Private Jet Seat Shared Ride

Passenger Jet Seat Joint Journey

Sharing a private jet & sharing a private jet Everyyday we get phone calls asking if we have shared ride on private planes. But what you should know is why we don't provide joint private jet trips and that the idea of a joint private jet is not something you should depend on to reduce the costs of your next private jet experience. It'?s hard to get enthusiasm in the private jet industry. However, the newsroom is eating away at news reports offering private jet fuel services at bulk pricing.

Who wouldn't be tempted by the opportunity to fly on a private jet for less than the price of a regular airfare?

That' s why you so much talk about shared private planes... because the word is eaten up by the medium. These are the major motivations why private jet charter per seat simply doesn't work: There' s such a powerful option to private jet travel per seat, with constantly low fares, an unrivalled routing system and an unsurpassed frequency...Civil air travel!

Yes, private air transport has so many advantages for civil air transport and is an priceless travelling instrument, but not if you are only looking for a seat at a reasonable price. Plane operators and those who are paying enough for a lease to cover the aircraft's running cost are spending the additional cash on private jets for several purposes, among them private life and the idea of scheduling and traveling in their spare hours.

Most of these folks aren't interested in some cash to take a foreigner on their flight. There' really no actual stock to warrant these shared ride planes. In order to be able to cheaply sell an airplane on a per-seat base, there has to be someone who takes over the main figure of the airplane's running cost, and that is almost impossible to find.

Apart from everything else, the idea of reselling a single seat in a private jet is not even a juridical one. Flight charter is subject to the FAR Part 135 standards, the standards and requirements for on-demand airlines. The sale of single seat on part 135 is prohibited, as is the case with all private jet charter.

If you want to resell single seat units, you need a Part 121 Seat Operation Certificates, which is the kind of operation certificates held by airline operators. Businesses are trying to resell single seat private jet charters through a gap. However, the only firms trying to resell single aircraft seat sales are brokers who do not have an FAA licence.

Those undertakings lease the whole aeroplane themselves from the part 135 owner and then try to resell the seat each. This means they get away with it for the moment, as the flights are still chartered on request via the Part 135 carriers. The ones who try to resell single seat airplanes look at the same airplane that we use for their stocks.

To make the airplane work, you must a) get an empty foot AND (not one or the other) b) fill most of the airplane seat. When we talk to our operators about these per-seat deals, we find out that we are asked for empty thighs when empty thighs are not available, otherwise those who have already reserved a seat will not be able to travel with them.

If you are looking for a shared ride per seat on a private jet, what you will find is that you will just not get what you are looking for, 9 out of 10+, and that is just because the industry does not like it.

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